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MAY 2019
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11th May 2019 - Spring League 2019 - Match Result
Final match of our 2019 Spring League today, results, leagues and photo gallery now available to view.
Match Report Click Here
Spring League Click Here
Matchman 2018/19 Click Here
Match Photo Gallery Click Here
7th May 2019 - Midweek League 2019 -Match Result
First match in this year's Midweek League took place today, results now available to view/download, see quick links alongside.
Match Report Click Here
Midweek League Click Here
APRIL 2019
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29th April 2019 - Midweek Matches 2019
Note to all members our 2019 Midweek League starts on Tuesday 7th May. The first match being at Partridge Lakes.
So if Tuesday's suit you, you'll love this series of matches.
Not got your licence yet? Buy online in our shop at no extra charge for posting, or purchase on the day in cold hard cash.
Timings for this and all other midweek matches arrive for 9.00am, five hour match will fish approximately 11 - 4.
All the matches and dates are in your licence and here on our matches page.
Look forward to seeing you on a match.
Midweek League 2019
29th April 2019 - Spring League 2019 - Match Result
Second of our Spring League matches, quick links below.
No photo's of this match due to the inclement weather and the nesh papperazzi.
Match Report Click Here
Spring League Click Here
Matchman 2018/19 Click Here
11th April 2019 - Fir Tree Match Photo's
As promised previously, photo's now available to view via our gallery page along with photo's from other matches/events/years.
Click here to go straight to Fir Tree match gallery.
8th April 2019 - Spring League 2019 - Match Result
The first of this year's Spring League matches started last Saturday at Fir Tree Fishery.
To see results and leagues follow the quick links below, or use buttons at side of page to view other leagues/years.

Photo's will be posted tomorrow, stay tuned!
Match Report Click Here
Spring League Click Here
Matchman 2018/19 Click Here
MARCH 2019
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17th March 2019 - Dogs Bollocks Team Match 2019

Yesterday saw our annual team competition eloquently known as our 'Dogs Bollocks match', as the winner, is of course, the Dogs doodahs.
As ever, Partridge Lakes hosted the event for us (thanks Barbara & Dave), the teams this year with POHAS, were Eccles, Richmonds and Woolston.
Fair to say the weather was atrocious today with heavy rain, and a freezing wind blowing across the complex, so thanks to all forty eight anglers for turning up and putting up with the conditions the Almighty gave us today.
Congratulations to the winners Eccles, it was a very close match with Eccles edging out POHAS by one section win.
Click on the image alongside to view/download PDF of match results.
Look forward to doing it again in 2020, hopefully with more favourable weather - Tightlines.

Dogs Bollocks 2019
10th March 2019 - Club Licence 2019/20
Members we can now advise that our 2019/20 club licence is now available to purchase online via our website as well as from members of committee or at our monthly club meeting (1st Thursday of month).
As of last season, we have one price only which is £10.00, and 2019/20 licence is valid from 16th March 2019 to 15th March 2020.
We no longer have different prices for different age groups.
Purchasing via our online shop is safe, secure and no additional charges for posting (UK Mainland only).
Click on 'shop button' located on the left of most of our web pages.
Club Lience 2019-20
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21st February 2019 - Dogs Bollocks 2019
Our annual team match with three other clubs takes place once again next month at Partridge Lakes.
Four teams of twelve will battle it out across the Partridge Lakes complex to see who is the Dogs Bollocks of angling this year.
A very sporting and friendly match for all those taking part.
You can see the POHAS team announced last week by team leaders Alan Lamb and James Bryan who with Mick Astbury, Mark Bibby, Lee Clarke, Mark Davies, Neil Davies, Rob Healey, Dave Hunt, Peter Newton, Dave Newton and Tony Savage will be fishing for us.

Note: Unfortunately due to injury Neil Davies unable to fish so a substitute will be found. Get well soon Neil.
2019 Team
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22nd January 2019 - Happy New Year
Welcome everyone to 2019, sorry it's a bit late. Where did 2018 go? Well as far as our website is concerned it is archived, so to view any news from last year or previous years see the bar towards the top of this page and click on the available years (currently 2006 to 2018).
Happy New Year to everyone, see you fishing during 2019, Tightlines.

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