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JUNE 2018
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19th June 2018 - Midweek League 2018 - Match Result
Results for today's match at Partridge Lakes on Covey 5, well done all.
Next Midweek match is in two weeks on 3rd July at Blundell's on East Canal.
Next Summer match is this coming Saturday also at Partridge Lakes, this time on Covey 6.

See you anglers on a match soon.
Match Report Click Here
Midweek League Click Here
5th June 2018 - Midweek League 2018 - Match Result
Our third midweek match of 2018 took place today at Dunham Fishery on Copperbeech..
A decent turnout of ten anglers took part.
Congratulations to all who took part, do it all again on 19th June when our next midweek match takes place at Partridge Lakes on Covey 5.
Match Report Click Here
Midweek League Click Here
4th June 2018 - Summer League - Match Result
Our first Summer match of 2018 took place at the weekend at Heronbrook Fishery where we were scheduled to fish on Meadow. Unfortunately due to an error on the fisheries part, they had double booked and we ended up having to fish across three waters, Island, New Canal and Pisces.
Wasn't ideal, nobody was happy, but at least we got a match.
We will do our best to ensure we don't get any similar occurences.

Our next match is a midweek league match at Dunham Fishery tomorrow 5th June. If you plan to fish, be at the venue for 9.00am, match will fish 11.00 - 4.00 approximately.
Match Report Click Here
Summer League Click Here
Matchman 2017/18 Click Here
MAY 2018
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24th May 2018 - Midweek League 2018 - Match Result
Our second midweek match of 2018 took place on Tuesday at Blundell's on East Canal.
A decent turnout of ten anglers took part.
Congratulations to all who took part, do it all again on 5th June when our next midweek match takes place at Dunham Fishery on Copperbeech.

Or sooner, if you are fishing our Summer League, match at Heronbrook on Saturday 2nd June.
Match Report Click Here
Midweek League Click Here
14th May 2018 - Spring League - Hampton Springs- Match Result
Our third and final match in this year's Spring League took place on Saturday at Hampton Springs Fishery, Malpas.
Congratulations to our top three of Dave Newton, James Bryan & Kevin Smith.
Hard luck to Dave Hunt who drew the Golden Peg, that £200 is still up for grabs.
Congratulations to the winner of the league James Bryan (26 points), second, Dave Newton (21 points), and third, Tony Savage (13 points).
Our next club match is on 22nd May where we are fishing Blundell's on East Canal in a midweek match.
Our Summer League starts on 2nd June where we will be fishing at Heronbrook.
Hope to see you soon.
Match Report Click Here
Spring League Click Here
Matchman 2017/18 Click Here
9th May 2018 - Midweek League 2018 - Match Result
Our first midweek match of 2018 took place yesterday at Partridge Lakes on Covey 5.
A good turnout of twelve anglers took part and some decent weights were had.
Congratulations to all who took part, do it all again on 22nd May when our next midweek match takes place at Blundell's on 'East Canal'.

Or sooner, if you are fishing our Spring League, match at Hampton Springs this Saturday 12th May.
Match Report Click Here
Midweek League Click Here
APRIL 2018
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30th April 2018 - Spring League - Fir Tree - Match Result
Second of our three Spring league matches held on Saturday at Fir Tree near Wigan on Fir Water.
Congratulations to our top three of James Bryan, Mark Davies and Mark Whiteside.
Hard luck to John Osborne who for the second match running drew the Golden Peg today, there's always next time, that £200 is still up for grabs.
Our next match is on 12th May where we will be fishing at Hampton Springs, so we hope to see you there.
Match Report Click Here
Spring League Click Here
Matchman 2017/18 Click Here
7th April 2018 - Spring League - Match Result
First match of the year kicked off today at Blundell's Farm where twenty of our members were fishing on Ash/Pine. Not the best weather, but the rain stopped towards early afternoon.
Cpngratulations to all members who fished today, and welcome to new member Jeff Burgess who fished his first match with us, not his most memorable i'm sure, but welcome to the gang Jeff, I'm sure the results will improve.
Congratulations to our top three of Dave Newton, Dave Hunt and Neil Davies.
Hard luck to John Osborne who drew the Golden Peg today, not where he wanted to be either, but there's always next time, that £200 is still up for grabs.
Our next match is on 28th April where we will be on Fir Tree Fishery near Wigan fishing on Fir Water, so we hope to see you there.
Match Report Click Here
Spring League Click Here
Matchman 2017/18 Click Here
MARCH 2018
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25th March 2018 - Dogs Bollocks Match Result
Dogs Bollocks Champions 2018 - POHAS
Another great day for POHAS yesterday, who once again won the annual Dogs Bollocks match held at Partridge Lakes on Spey Canal, Marsh Canal and
Covey 6.
Four teams of twelve battled it out in fair weather conditions.
The teams being Woolston Anglers, Eccles Rod Benders, Richmonds and POHAS. The first two teams being new to this annual match organised by POHAS and was great to see new blood, all of whom appeared to love the format and the match, so hopefully will take place again in 2019. The POHAS team, in no particular order were Jon Green, Mark Davies, James Bryan, Adam Hill, Dave Hunt, Alan Lamb, Rob Healey, Tony Savage, Dave Newton, Lee Clarke, Neil Davies and John Osborne.
Thanks to Alan and James who once again organised our team, thanks to all the clubs/anglers who took part in a sporting match and thanks to Frank Davies and Phil Clare who administered the match and did the presentations. Finally thanks to Dave and the team at Partridge Lakes for hosting the event.
To view PDF of match results click here.
20th March 2018 - Rod Licences
Rod Licence 2018
Anglers, don't forget, historically this time of year is the time when you need to consider buying your Rod Licence for the forthcoming season.
Don't get caught without a valid Rod Licence, otherwise you are likely to receive a hefty fine. Click Here to go to the website to purchase your licence, or click on the above image.
4th March 2018 - 2018/19 Club Licences
Members and interested parties, we can now advise that our 2018/19 club licence is now available to purchase online via our website as well as from members of committee or at our monthly club meeting (1st Thursday of month).
From 2018 we have one price only which is £10.00, and 2018/19 licence is valid from 16th March 2018 to 15th March 2019.
We no longer have different prices for different age groups.
Purchasing via our online shop is safe, secure and no additional charges for posting (UK Mainland only).
Click on 'shop button' located on the left of most of our web pages.
Club Licence
  representative image only
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26th February 2018 - Matches 2018
As you can see, February has been a quiet month.
We can however confirm all of our matches for this calendar year, see below.
Senior Matches 2018
Midweek Matches 2018
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30th January 2018 - Mike Lewis
Mike Lewis 1948 - 2017
Just like to pass on thanks to everyone who joined us today for the funeral of long time club member and friend Mike Lewis.
POHAS did him proud, members and partners turned out in force as a mark of respect to our mate 'Mondeo man' Mike Lewis.
Not in any particular order and apologies if we missed anyone off:-

Joe Fagan, Carol Fagan, Joe Fagan Jnr, Peter Jones, Paul Roby, Paul Rowlands, Frank Davies, Neil Davies, Paul Bryan, Mike Roylance & Partner, Peter Newton, Terry Williams, Alan Lamb, John Lamb, Phil Morris, Alex Donaldson & Jim Bates.

Would also like to pass thanks on from Mike's Stepson Stuart and his family at this sad time.

Take a minute to think about Mike and the great times we have all had in his presence.

RIP Mike Lewis 1948 - 2017.
10th January 2018 - Mike Lewis - Funeral Arrangements
Quick note just to update everyone.
Our friend Mike Lewis funeral is to be held at Walton Lea Crematorium, Warrington on Tuesday 30th January at 1.00pm.

Anyone requiring directions click here for PDF map.
Mike Lewis
5th January 2018 - Memories of Mike
As mentioned previously, long time club member and friend to many Mike Lewis passed away last week.
We have done a trawl through our photo's and have made a gallery of some of his memorable photo's. Dating from 2004 up until 2017, we had some laughs, we hope you enjoy them, just click on the photo alongside to view gallery. Or you can of course visit our gallery page where you will find many galleries from matches and events over the years.
Mike Lewis - 1948-2017
5th January 2018 - January Club Meeting
Our first club meeting of 2018 was held last night.
Our Chairman Frank Davies called for a one minute silence prior to the start of the meeting, in respect of our friend and club member Mike Lewis who sadly passed away suddenly last week. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.

As and when we get funeral details we will advise members accordingly.
Mike Lewis
3rd January 2018 - Important Club Updates
Following several committee discussions and agreement with members attending November 2017 club AGM, there are some important changes that existing and future members need be aware, please read below. Important Notice
Our Pools  
For over thirty years our club has managed two pools, Brownlee's Pool located in Shackleton Close near to Gullivers World, the second, Whitegate Pool located in nearby Livingstone Close.
As a club we have invested time and money into both pools and up until the last couple of years both were active with members fishing regularly.
Whilst our Brownlee's Pool continues to entertain members, our Whitegate Pool is now rarely used but still requires regular upkeep and investment of time and money.
Our lease agreement with the local authority ends in June 2018 for Whitegate. The club has decided with a heavy heart not to renew the lease on Whitegate Pool and to focus efforts on Brownlee's Pool.
More and more anglers are now tending to go to commercial fisheries, and Juniors are now few and far between (more on that later). So from June 2018 we will only retain our Brownlee's Pool for our club members.
Brownlee's & Whitegate Pools
Club Membership Fee's  
Past and existing members will know that our club membership prices have remained the same for several years with Seniors at £15, OAP at £10 and Juniors at £5 we feel these prices are very good considering you can fish our waters as a member for 365 days a year!
That said, we have now decided that as a club we will from June 2018 only have access to Brownlee's Pool as a club water to fish.
This being the case we are simplifying our licence by just having one membership fee for all which will be set at £10.00.
So from the next licence period 16/03/18 - 15/03/19 any member joining or renewing will only pay £10.00 for the annual club licence.
Membership Fees
Junior League  
Like many clubs we have seen numbers drop in attendance for our Junior Summer League.
We have continued to advertise, we have spoken with schools and groups including scouts etc with no response whatsoever.
Our 2017 season saw a total of six Juniors fish our league.
Given that members have to give up almost a day of their weekend to organise and run the Junior matches, we feel that we have reached the end of the road. Therefore it has been decided and agreed by those attending the 2017 AGM that from 2018 onwards we will no longer run an independent Junior league.
We are sad to take this action as we have had a Junior section for 30+ years. But we see no other way forward and is unfair on Senior members time for such few anglers (sorry to the six who did attend).
We would point out that our club will still welcome Junior members (membership fee as above), and they would be welcome to fish our Brownlee's Pool, but no Summer league.
That said, we do have a Midweek League which runs on a Tuesday from May to September for Senior members.
We are happy for any Junior member to fish the July/August midweek matches held at Partridge Lakes.
Presentation Night  
Following on from above, Presentation Nights came about 30+ years ago as a follow on from our Junior League and introducing trophies and prizes which eventually spread to all leagues, all members.
Again with demise of Junior members on which Prize Night was primarily intended, added to the fact our host venue (Roosters Club) closed during 2017 we have also taken the decision to end Presentation Night's from 2018 onwards.
Presentation Night
Monthly Meetings  
We still continue to hold club meetings on the first Thursday of the month at the Hoop & Mallet Pub in Callands starting at 8.00pm.
Again, due to low turnout numbers from time to time, we have decided to move from a formal agenda based format to an informal 'gathering'.
In this instance there is no agenda and members can just have a general natter on any 'fishy matters' that are of interest at the time.
We would however raise any specific points that may have come to light since previous meeting(s), and the November meeting, traditionally our AGM will always be an agenda based meeting as of course it is the AGM.
We always look forward to meeting members and we actively encourage any member, new, old or anyone considering becoming a member to come along and meet everyone, we are a friendly bunch and happy to talk fishing
Club Meetings
No doubt by now many of you will be wondering what is happening to the club.
We can say that apart from the above, absolutely nothing!
We still have a regular membership consisting of pleasure anglers and those that fish our organised matches, along with some local groups whom we give access to our pools.
We will still have our own pool that can be fished 365 days a year by any of our members (with a valid club licence).
Unfortunate as it is, we have to move with the times and be realistic. There is little point throwing time and money at a pool that isn't being fished, no point spending funds on a prize night where attendances drop.
To have had a Junior section for 30+ years is no mean feat. Many of our Juniors, now adults are still fishing with us.
As a club, we never say never. We would love to see a Junior league back again, and if the demand is there and support from members, who knows, it may happen.
We are open minded to most things, and as we move forward, we will continue to look at opportunities and move forward stronger as a club.
3rd January 2018 - Happy New Year
Welcome everyone to 2018, where did 2017 go? Well as far as our website is concerned it is archived, so to view any news from last year or previous years see the bar towards the top of this page and click on the available years (currently 2006 to 2017).
Happy New Year to everyone, see you fishing during 2018, Tightlines.

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