Penketh & Old Hall Angling Society
    Rules Last Updated: 19th December 2023

Club Rules (Appended)

All of the following rules will be enforced on all waters leased or owned by this society, unless otherwise stated, or permission is granted by the Committee. All members found to be breaking the rules, may be brought before the committee for disciplinary action. Fines are in force and membership may be withdrawn at anytime. Serious offenders may face criminal prosecution.


KEEPNETS are not allowed, except during official matches organised by the Committee. Other vessels used for retaining fish will be regarded as a keepnet and will be dealt with accordingly.

GROUNDBAIT, liquidised bread and mashed bread may not be used in any circumstances. Loose feeding of maggots is acceptible.

BOILIES, may not be used in any circumstances.

SPINNING, FLY-FISHING & LIVEBAITS are prohibited due to the size of the waters.

LANDING NETS are compulsory and should be used only for the purpose of landing fish and not to retain fish.

REMOVAL OF FISH from the waters are not allowed, except for unhooking, which is to be done as soon as possible and the fish returned to the water. NO rags or clothes shall be used to handle fish at anytime.

NIGHTFISHING not allowed on any club waters, tackle to be removed from water by dusk and grounds vacated within 30 minutes. Fishing must not start before sunrise.

LITTER must be removed or placed in bins provided. No tins or bottles allowed on Club waters

ALL ANGLERS fish POHAS waters and any organised matches entirely at their own risk.

See licence for full version of Club Rules or alternatively you can download a PDF version by clicking here.

Club Licence

2015/16 Club Licence

2024/25 Licence
available February 2024

Don't forget your Rod Licence

Environment Agency Link

It is a condition of club membership that all club members when requested by a club official / bailiff should provide immediate evidence of a valid Rod Licence as well as a valid club licence.
Person or persons failing to show evidence of both documents will be asked to leave club waters with immediate effect.
Repeat offenders will have their club membership revoked and information may be forwarded to Environment Agency officials.

Note also that if a club licence is revoked, no refunds will apply.

By clicking on the EA Logo above, you will be redirected to their website to purchase Rod Licence on-line, they are also available from the Post Office.

POHAS Officials/Bailiffs

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To the left you will see a slideshow of club officials and bailiffs.
They can ask you at anytime to provide proof of membership AND that you have a valid EA Rod Licence (when applicable).
Please do not be offended, they are only doing their job. Failure to provide information when requested will result in the offender being asked to leave.

If there is any club matter you wish to discuss, stop one of our bailiffs, they are happy to be of assistance.


Make sure you are aware of their rules BEFORE you go to a guest fishery
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