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23rd December 2007 - Supercup 2008 - 1st Round Match

As mentioned in the news on 19th December we are drawn against Richmonds and Saracens Head for the first round of the 2008 Supercup.
Our Supercup Secretary Phil Clare informs us that Richmonds (the home team) have chosen Meadow View, Lymm and 'Lark Pool' for the match.
The date for the match is Saturday 1st March (Subject to confirmation).
Practice dates will be advised following our next club meeting which takes place on Wednesday 2nd January 2008.

22nd December 2007 - Christmas Raffle 2007

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Christmas Raffle. All 500 tickets were sold which is a fantastic achievement. All money raised will go to our Junior Development Fund, and on behalf of all of our Juniors thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket.

As usual we held two draws which took place on Thursday 20th December. The first at Bank Quay Club, the lucky winner of the first drinks hamper was Paul Brittlebank (pictured right). The second draw which took place at the Maltings Pub was won by Thomas Horan. Congratulations to our winners, "Don't drink it all at once".

Can we also thank members and work colleagues who helped sell the raffle tickets, we could not have done
it without you, thank you all.

Committee and members of POHAS would like to wish everyone a happy and joyful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Paul Brittlebank

Paul Brittlebank

19th December 2007 - Supercup 2008 - Draw Announced

Thanks to Neil Davies for advising us that the first round draw for the 2008 Supercup has taken place and full details can be found in this weeks Angling Times.

We have been drawn away to Richmonds and Saracens Head.Richmonds have the home draw therefore have choice of venue.

More details as the news becomes available.

8th December 2007 - Winter League - Bridgewater Canal
Yesterday saw fourteen hardy members tackle the Bridgewater Canal on the Red Lane Bridge Stretch near Walton, Warrington. The weather was the worst we have had so far this Winter with rain, sleet, hail and gusting winds making it difficult for everyone.
At least it was our 'Fur & Feather' match for the Taffy Robinson Trophy.
Nobody went away empty handed, everyone got a selection box to take home, unless you name is Ian Armstrong, he devoured his on the bank!
In the draw, John Bryan won a free club licence for 2008 and Paul Roby won a free coach trip for 2008. We also had section wins so everybody went away happy.
The fur and feather usually ends with a Christmas Carvery which this year was held at the Walton Arms Pub. Great food was had by all and thanks especially to Taffy Robinson for organising the meal.
We have put the links below to all the updated info you want including the full match report, leagues and photo's. Hope to see you on the Macclesfield Canal on 5th January.
Match Report
Winter League 2007/8
Matchman Trophy
Photo Gallery
6th December 2007 - December Club Meeting
Our December club meeting took place last night at the Maltings Pub.
The minutes of the meeting are now available on the reports page along with previous months reports. Or click here to view the December report.
5th December 2007 - Next Match
Saturday 8th December see's our hardy members fishing on the Bridgewater Canal, Warrington on the Red Lane Bridge stretch.
For those members fishing not sure of directions here is a link to a map on the matches page or click here.
29th November 2007 - Van Den Eynde Supercup 2008

Word from POHAS Supercup headquarters (thanks Phil) has given us the squad members for the Van Den Eynde Supercup 2008.
We are advised that the competition remains pretty much the same, with the exception that the team can only consist of eight members, so places will be harder than ever to get, and of course our Captain's decision will be final!
It is early days yet, we will keep you posted when we get more news.

See the team details below (listed in alphabetical order)

Ian Armstrong (Captain) Phil Clare (Secretary)
James Bryan John Bryan
Dan Chesterson Frank Davies
Neil Davies Joe Fagan
Adam Hill Alan Lamb
Mike Lewis Bill O'Keefe
Tom Prescott Paul Roby
Paul Rowlands Kev Smith
Neil Turner Ken Whibley
Colin Wibberley

Joe Worsley

20th November 2007 - Brownlee's Work Party - Sat 24th November
Note to all members that the work party planned for this Saturday 24th November has had to be postponed.
We plan to reschedule it for the following week, Saturday 30th November.
Apologies for any inconvenience, circumstances beyond anyone's control.
19th November 2007 - 'Grandad' Frank!

Just to let everyone know your Chairman is now a Grandad!
Congratulations to Steph and Phil on the birth of their twin girls yesterday evening.
Mother and babies are doing fine.
Question is, did Phil miss Top Gear?

Frank - Christmas is coming and your prezzie list has just got longer!

19th November 2007 - Match Photo's, Partridge Lakes
A day later than promised, but below you can see the quicklink to the match photo's from Partridge Lakes, along with links to match results and leagues.
Match Report
Winter League 2007/8
Matchman Trophy
Photo Gallery
17th November 2007 - Latest Match Results

Todays match results are posted from Partridge Lakes, so you can see the match report and leagues by clicking on the reports page.

Just off to the pub now, so photo gallery will be updated tomorrow.

Thanks to all that fished the match today well done to the top three, Phil, Mike and Roly. Hope to see you all at the last match of 2008 and the penultimate Winter League match which is on Bridgewater Canal on Saturday 8th December.

11th November 2007 - 2008 Matches

We are pleased to announce that all the Senior Matches for Spring & Summer 2008 are now booked and confirmed. It is probably as early as we have ever been in getting everything done, so a big thank you to our Match Secretary Phil Clare for his outstanding effort. Get them in your diary now!

We have also got the provisional dates for our Junior Matches, which can be seen by going to the match page and click on the quick link to the Junior section at the bottom of the match page. As information comes in we will update the pages accordingly.

5th November 2007 - Summer League 2008 Updated 9.00pm

Keen viewers may have spotted that we now have all but one of the Summer matches in place for 2008.
If you click on the matches page you can see dates and venues for the matches booked. So no excuse now, get the dates in your diary for next year.
Thanks to Phil Clare our Match Secretary for being on the ball. He tells me that he will soon have details of the last remaining Summer match and the three Spring League dates/venues.

So visit us soon to keep up to date with all that's happening at our club.

Once we have all the Senior matches in place we can book the Junior matches....stay tuned!

Update: Last Summer match booked and one of the three Spring League.

5th November 2007 - Whitegate Pool
Members may recall that almost twelve months ago we had problems with Whitegate Pool when a contractor doing groundworks nearby damaged the wall of the pool creating a major leak.
Following continuing concerns, and the fact that the water level is significantly below where it should be, we have referred to the Environment Agency and the local authority for assistance.
As and when we get a response we will advise everyone.
Whitegate Overflow Whitegate
Whitegate Pool
Whitegate Pool (Photo's taken 02/11/07)
28th October 2007 - Who's getting Married in the morning?

Well the sly old fox has gone and done it again!
Yes our mate and long time club member has decided to get married (again).
So at yesterday's match at Blundells Farm we presented Taffy with a card signed by all the members on the match, and on behalf of the club we presented him with a nice bottle of Bollinger Champagne to share with his partner on their wedding day.

All the best Taffy from all the committee and members of the club, and we will see you when you get back.

Taffy with his Champagne
Taffy & Club Members
Taffy and Club Members at Blundells Farm - 27/10/07
27th October 2007 - Blundells Farm

Yesterday saw the second of this seasons Winter League.
Below are all the wuick links giving you speedy access to the match report, League and Matchman info and of course the photo gallery.

Next Winter League match is on Saturday 17th November at Partridge Lakes, hope to see you there!

Match Report
Winter League 2007/8
Matchman Trophy
Photo Gallery
26th October 2007 - Winter League 2007/8

We can now confirm that the Partridge Lakes match scheduled for 17th November is now a confirmed booking. Eagle eyed members may have noticed that it was previously shown as provisional.

An 11th Hour call to members wanting to fish tomorrow at Blundell's Farm. Contact Frank to find out peg availability.

23rd October 2007 - Well Done James!
Just a quick congratulations to POHAS member James Bryan who successfully passed his driving test today.
It will be a week to remember as he will also be celebrating his 19th Birthday on Friday (26th).
Nice one Son!
22nd October 2007 - News Update
A quick news update: Blundell's Farm now have an official website which can be viewed by clicking here. Loads of useful information, including match rules which we have also shown alongside our forthcoming match at Blundell's on 27th October detailed on our matches page.
13th October 2007 - Winter League 2007/8

We got off to a flying start today for our 2007/8 Winter League series.
Detailed below are the quick links to the match report, Winter & Matchman League and of course our photo gallery of todays match

Just look out for a picture of 'Clarey' with a beaming smile across his face...We don't blame him, he won the Golden Peg today which gave him £200. It's the first time it has been won in five years. Well done Phil, I bet we will see you at the next match!

Next match is on Saturday 27th October at Blundell's Farm, hope to see you members there...

Match Report
Winter League 2007/8
Matchman Trophy
Photo Gallery
Phil 'Golden Boy' Clare wins at Burton Mere
Clarey in action at Burton Mere Clarey in the money Joe & Phil
Phil in action at Burton Mere Phil in the money Handing the money over
5th October 2007 - Presentation Night

They keep getting better and better!
Yes, we had our annual Presentation Night today, once again it was held at Roosters Club, Warrington.
Members, family and friends were here en masse.

We also welcomed many of our sponsors including Paul Brittlebank of PB Home Maintainance, Chris Strike, Landlord of The Maltings Pub, our 'historical home' and club meeting venue.

Our guest of honour at the event was Helen Dagnall, England Ladies International, former Ladies World Champion and she holds the current Individual Embassy Ladies National Angling Championship Title, which she won at Woodlands View in June. Helen came along with members of staff from her tackle shop, Cheshire Angling.

The evening comprised of the usual slideshow of photo's taken over the last year at matches and our other events which raises as smile. We also had background music while everyone assembled for the evenings events.

After the usual speeches, the trophy presentation took place compered as usual by our very own Paul 'Roly' Rolands, with the usual fishing banter in abundance.
Followed by our ladies prize draw then a food break, where everyone tucked into Jacket Potatoes with various fillings available, and chips and rice for good measure.

Our events continued with our 'renowned' Junior Prize Draw, where the Junior members in attendance who fished matches this year got free equipment and once again we were on the £1000 mark for giveaways.
We must thank Cheshire Angling, Dinsmores and members Paul Rowlands, Ken Whibley and Alf Smith (our oldest member who attended this evening) for giving generously to help make this evenings Junior Prize Draw spectacular.
To finish the evening off we had various competitions including a quiz and stand up bingo, finishing with a closing speech by our Chairman Frank Davies and more music.

Thanks to everyone that came along and supported us, thanks to everyone that donated prizes. Also to those that made the night happen. We can't thank you all individually, but whatever part you played, we thank you all, and see you on 3rd October 2008 for the next Presentation Night, same time, same place....

To see the lucky recipients of this years trophies, click here or see the link on the Gallery page.

Helen Dagnall
Helen Dagnall
Paul Brittlebank
Paul Brittlebank
Chris Strike
Chris Strike
Paul 'Roly' Rolands
Paul 'Roly' Rolands
Alf Smith
Alf Smith
4th October 2007 - Presentation Night, Friday 5th October
Don't forget members, it is our presentation night tomorrow. All details are in your current POHAS 2007/8 licence.
4th October 2007 - October Club Meeting
The October meeting took place on Wednesday 3rd October. Thanks to all the members who came along. For those of you unable to attend there is an 'appended' version of the minutes, and minutes from previous meetings shown on the reports page. See October report by clicking here.
22nd September 2007 - Winter League 2007/8

Just as the Summer League has finished and we were all putting our tackle away. News has come from our Match Secretary Phil Clare that the forthcoming Winter League is pretty much sorted, subject to one match being confirmed.
If you click on the 'Matches' page or this link, you will see the dates and venues.
Get them in your diary and get your woolies out ready!

22nd September 2007 - Summer League COMPLETED!

The final match in this year's Summer league took place today at Meadow View, so the leagues are decided and of course the Matchman league is also complete.
We have no photographs of todays match, but you can click on the quick links below to see where you are in the final leagues, and if you can bear it, who goes down from league division one (bad times), and who goes up from division two (good times). Matchman of the year is also below, along with the match report for this match showing all weights and places.

Thanks to everyone who fished the matches we hope you enjoyed them, and we hope to see you all at the Presentation Night on Friday 5th October at Roosters Club, Liverpool Road, Warrington. The fun starts at 7.30pm.

Match Report
Summer Leagues 2007
Matchman Trophy
12th September 2007 - Cover your tackle!
Have you ever thought how much your tackle would cost to replace if it got stolen, broken or if it fell in the water. Also what it would cost if you injured yourself whilst fishing.
We are not one to advertise, and there are many insurance companies willing to offer their services, however E&L offer specific insurance for us anglers. Click on the E&L logo to visit their website. Let us know what you think..
E&L Insurance
12th September 2007 - Junior League 2007
Just a quick message from POHAS to all of our Junior members who fished in our 2007 Junior Summer League, well done we hope you enjoyed it and we look forward to seeing you all next year.
Can we also thank all those members who helped at our Junior matches, they include;-

Frank, Taffy, Ken, Roly, Mike, Joe, Ian, Phil, James, John, Alan, Paul And anyone else we forgot but we couldn't have done it without you.

Allocating and working out how many we are going to have at a match and transport logistics has proved difficult this year, therefore the following paragraph highlights additional rules applicable if you wish to join in the Junior league from next year onwards.

Get you 2008/9 licences early next year (available from March 16th 2008), you will need to have your licence BEFORE the league starts to be eligible to enter the league. This rule will also be posted on the website nearer the time as a reminder, and it will also be in next year's licence. Also turning up on the day of a match and buying a licence will not get you (a) on that match and (b) in the Junior league. You can of course fish our waters when there are no matches, which is most of the time, but to get on the Junior matches and in the league, buy your licence anytime before the Junior League league starts (You have from March 16th - June to get your licence).

Don't forget we have our presentation night on Friday 5th October at Roosters Club, Liverpool Road.
It is free entry for Juniors and only £5 for accompanying adults, food will be served free of charge.

    Remember at prize night there are trophies for the top three places in every Junior match;
    Trophies for top three in this year's Junior league;
    Trophy for most improved Junior angler;
    Trophy for Junior - Biggest Fish;
    Free tackle to Junior members who have fished a match in this year's Junior Summer League:

It is of course a great night out, so plan to arrive between 7.30 - 8.00pm.

We look forward to seeing you there, if you have any questions, post a message on the forum or contact
Frank Davies (after 6pm) on 01925 652327.

9th September 2007 - Summer League - Solhampton

The penultimate match in this years Summer League took place yesterday at Solhampton near Stourport. The leagues and the Matchman are now looking close, with the top four of division two and the bottom four of division one still being closely contended. One match to go on 22nd September at Meadow View, who will be smiling, who will be groaning? We'll know after the next match.

Below you can see the usual quick links to all the info you need to know.

View Match Photo Gallery
Match Report
Summer Leagues 2007
Matchman Trophy
7th September 2007 - September Club Meeting
The September meeting took place on Wednesday 5th September. Thanks to all the members who came along. For those of you unable to attend there is an 'appended' version of the minutes and minutes from previous meetings shonw on the reports page. See September report by clicking here.
7th September 2007 - Charity Fishing Match - Sat 15th September

We have had word from the Rotary Club of Sandbach, that there is to be a charity fishing match, with the proceeds going to the Shannon Bradshaw Trust.
They are looking for teams of four (cost £50 per team), winners get £300 if 20 or more teams fish.

For all details contact: Craig on 07984 859701 or Bill on 07989 559743

Download flyer here for all details

This is not a POHAS event, the above gents are the point of contact should you wish to fish.

1st September 2007 - Junior League - Whitegate, Season Finale

It only seems like five minutes since the league kicked off in June, and here we are, it's all over again for another year.
We had a cracking match today on Whitegate, and as seems to be usual now, the league was down to the wire, with eight points separating the top six places.
We even had decent weather today which was pleasant for September.

It was nice to see our oldest member Alf come along to watch proceedings (see photo - right).

Whitegate pool was on form today especially for Sam Dolan who not only landed biggest fish for the Juniors this year, it also won him the match! Well done Sam!

Below you can find quick links to the match report detailing all the weights and positions, our usual photo gallery of today's match and more importantly the final league positions for this year, see where you finished.

Don't forget, our Presentation Night is on Friday 5th October, if you have finished in the top three in any match this year and/or the final league, there is a trophy waiting for you!
Even if you haven't won and you are a junior member, come along as we give away loads of free fishing equipment to those who have fished in the matches, it's free for you to come in (sorry, Mums & Dad's, it will cost you each a fiver, but there is free food for everyone).

See you at the presentation night, details in your licence and elsewhere on this website.

Biggest Fish
Leather Carp
Sam & his biggest fish
Ethan with his Leather Carp
Bailiff on duty!
Frank & Alf
Andy - Bailiff on duty!
Frank & Alf
Whitegate Pool
Whitegate Pool
Hero to Zero
Ethan - 'Hero to Zero'
Match Report
Photo Gallery
Junior League
27th August 2007 - Jolly Boy's Outing to Stourport 2007

Some of you may be aware that several of our members undertake an annual trip most years, with this year being to Stourport. It took place last week,
20th - 24th August. If you visit the gallery page you can see the daily photo galleries.
This years group of 'Jolly Boys' were (in no particular order), Taffy Robinson, Frank Davies, Neil Davies, Paul Rowlands, Phil Clare, Neil Turner, Alan Lamb, Adam Hill, Dan Chesterson, James Bryan, John Bryan & Paul Bryan.

A brief description of events will be added to the news page once your editor has had chance to put pen to paper, or should I say finger to keyboard!

18th August 2007 - Summer League 'Fir Tree Fishery'
Today saw our latest Summer match take place at Fir Tree Fishery on the match lake. As is usual you will see the quick links below giving you all the latest information, match report, the Matchman and Summer Leagues and of course our photo gallery.
View Match Photo Gallery
Match Report
Summer Leagues 2007
Matchman Trophy
17th August 2007 - Presentation Night 2007
Yes, we know it is still supposed to be Summer, but just around the corner on 5th October is our annual presentation night.
Now is the time for all you 2006 trophy winners to hand back the trophy in readiness for this years awards.
So if you were awarded a trophy at last year's presentation night, can you arrange to get them back to us as soon as possible, once the leagues are complete we have to get them off to the engravers for this year's winners.
13th August 2007 - Cudmore Club Angler Competition

Just a quick note from our Match Secretary Neil Davies regarding the above event.

"Just a quick message to say thanks for all the support from the 10 anglers who fished under the club colours over the two qualifiers.

It's a pity that the fishing itself was not very good, but I hope we can support the event next year. The third qualifier clashes with our trip to Solhampton. If anyone cannot make it and would like to fish at Cudmore instead could you please let me know ASAP so I can make the arrangements with Cudmore if possible.

On a slightly brighter note myself and Ian Armstrong qualified from round 1, so the club will have some representation at the final. I will try to find if spectators will be allowed."

Congratulations also from everyone else for the team effort, and good luck to Ian and Neil in the final.

Neil D

Neil Davies
11th August 2007 - Junior Match at Partridge Lakes
Another close fought match took place today with our Juniors at Partridge Lakes on 'Spey Pool'. Weather was great, chippy lunch again and pop to swill it down.
Below there are quick links to the match report which details all the weights and a brief report on the day's events, our usual photo gallery is available to browse and of course the all important Junior League updated with today's results.
Well done to everyone who fished, our helpers for helping out, and we hope to see you at the last match (yes sorry about that, season has to end sometime) for 2007. It takes place on Whitegate Pool on Saturday 1st September, anyone in the top ten is still in with a chance of winning the league, so make sure we see you all poolside on the 1st September.
Don't forget to also put our prize night in your diary where we hand out the trophies and hopefully goodies to help you with your fishing, and of course we will be serving food, it takes place at Roosters Club on Friday 5th October 2007.....See you there!
Match Report
Photo Gallery
Junior League
10th August 2007 - Brownlee's Gate

Readers of the news page and visitors to our forum may be aware that a new gate was installed recently at our Brownlee's Pool (see news dated 11th July below).
Following concerns from some members regarding accessing the pool with the new gate, we were asked to get a view from our Landlord, the Woodland Trust.
We show below an excerpt from a recent e-mail received by us from the 'WT'.

“We (The Woodland Trust)  have spoke with the contractor to confirm that the kissing gate installed was a RADAR  gate.  He said it was a large mobility gate.  It does have a RADAR lock on it which can be unlocked with a RADAR key and then a bar slides back to allow an electric wheelchair through so it is quite a large width.  We have managed to get small tractors through them in the past.  If your members are disabled I am sure they will already be aware of the RADAR key system.  They can be bought from RADAR who have a website for £3.50 each.  This allows access to all RADAR gates and toilets across the country.

To the best of our legal knowledge the route is a permissive right of way not a public right of way therefore it is only open at the Woodland Trusts discretion.  We are not trying to stop people
going across the site just trying to make it safer”.

The reason the gate was fitted was to stop people entering the site in or on vehicles, eg, Motorcycles and cars. We appreciate it may take a few extra seconds to gain access, but safety to visitors on the site is paramount.

You may be also intersted to hear that you can also obtain RADAR Keys from Warrington market currently priced at £3 each. Radar Key
Radar Key available from RADAR and Warrington Market
8th August 2007 - Junior Match at Meadow View

Once again we had another close match and a cracking turnout of 20 Juniors who fished in gloriously sunny weather and had a healthy lunch from Lymm chippy (we promise we won't order 28 bags of chips again for another year!).
You can see the quick links below to see all the details from the match. You can of course use the buttons on most pages to navigate to all the other info about the club that you may want.

Don't forget Junior members, the next match is only on Saturday, so meet at Brownlee's at 9.00am to get yourself on the Partridge Lakes match.

Match Report
Photo Gallery
Junior League
7th August 2007 - POHAS Forum

Hello all - Just to let you know we have added a new message board to our forum in the 'Club House' section entitled 'POHAS Your Club', here you can put your comments relating to anything happening within POHAS, including, Matches, Events, News, Gossip, Issues etc.

We already have a message relating to the new 'Kissing Gate' recently installed on Brownlee's Pool.

Join in, have your say - Go on, get it off your chest!

5th August 2007 - Junior Matches

Junior members, don't forget we have two matches this week

Wednesday 8th August - Meadow View
Saturday 11th August - Partridge Lakes

Both matches are detailed elsewhere on this website and in your 2007/8 Club licence.

If you are fishing these matches, you need to meet up at Brownlee's Pool at 9.00am. Transport from Brownlee's to the match and back to Brownlee's can be arranged. Parents are welcome to come if they wish to see you in action!

If you have any questions, or make sure you get a peg, contact Frank Davies on 01925 652327.

5th August 2007 - Latest Summer League Results
Yesterday saw our latest Summer match take place on 'Island Pool' at Moorlands Farm Fishery. Not only was it a Summer League match, it was also for our 2007 Pairs Trophy. You can see the links below which will give you all the latest information.
We have also changed the style of our photo gallery, so we hope you like it.
View Match Photo Gallery
Match Report
Summer Leagues 2007
Matchman Trophy
2007 Pairs Trophy
2nd August 2007 - Club Meeting
Our monthly club meeting took place yesterday evening. You can view the minutes of this and other reports by going to the reports page, or to view just the August report, click here.
2nd August 2007 - Associate Members
We are pleased to announce after discussion with our members that we have come to an agreement with Warrington Day Centre for them to fish our club waters. This follows on from our agreement with Assertive Outreach which was detailed in our news on the 18th July. Both organisations care for patients with, or who have suffered mental health illness. The organisations both agree that access to fishing on our pools will be a positive thing for their patients. The patients will be supervised at all times by Healthcare officials to ensure patient wellbeing whilst they enjoy a spot of fishing in a relaxing environment.
Anybody who knows our club will know that we are primarily a community club. We aim to keep any costs as low as we can so as many people as possible from all walks of life from our locality can enjoy the sport. Helping these two local organisations is another step towards our aim.
JULY 2007
24th July 2007 - Moorlands Farm - 'Island Pool'

Following on from our publishing the rules for the above fishery (see news dated 18th July), we can advise that we now have 25 pegs available on this coach trip. If you are on the reserve list, Frank will be contacting you advising if you have secured a peg.
Following a conversation with the fishery today, we can advise that they are as yet unaffected by the adverse weather conditions that are affecting other parts of Worcestershire and surrounding areas..

The record for a five hour match (set in 2004) stands at 177lb on 'Island Pool'. Let's hope we are the ones to break it!

Island Pool

'Island Pool'

Photo courtesy & copyright Moorlands Farm
23rd July 2007 - Kev is a 'L' of a bloke!
Congratulations to club member, and our mate Kev Smith for passing his driving test.
Just to let you know Kev by default you have volunteered to chauffeur Neil T on all the car trips, and your missus has volunteered you to do 'the big shop' every Thursday at ASDA!
22nd July 2007 - Junior League - Sankey Canal

Today we had a Junior match on the Sankey Canal.
Following the success of last year it was a match with our Juniors having a match against Dallam Anglers Juniors. We had a total of nineteen fishing, unfortunately due to holidays there were only three members from Dallam.
Our Chairman Frank Davies was once again on hand to serve hotdogs to all those in attendance, thanks also to our Senior members, Roly, Taffy, Neil T and Ian for helping out and to the Seniors of Dallam Anglers for their assistance.
It was a close fought match with only drams seperating places in many instances.
Sadly we have no photo gallery for this match as your official papperazi was away on other duties and his deputy 'aka' Frank could not quite handle digital technology and managed to delete all the photo's he had taken (doh!).
However we do have our usual match report which details all places and weights for the match (click here), and the league table has been updated to reflect the latest results (click here).

The next Junior match is a midweek match on Wednesday 8th August and it will be on a commercial fishery at Meadow View, Lymm. There are spaces for 20 anglers, so it may be worth contacting Frank (Tel: 652327) to let him know you are wanting to fish the match. Can all Junior anglers meet at Brownlee's Pool at 9.00am where transport can be arranged to take members to Meadow View. We will return those who require transport back from Meadow View to Brownlee's at approximately 3.00pm.

22nd July 2007 - Cudmore 'Club Angler' - 1st Qualifying Session
The first qualifying round of the Cudmore 'Club Angler' competition took place yesterday. Our team of ten anglers (see below) were part of a match which saw 100 anglers in total fight it out for ten qualifying places. Conditions were not the best and weights were not massive, the highest weight was 56lb.
After the five hour match two of our team have made it through, they were Ian Armstrong and Neil Davies, so well done to them and the other members of the team for a great effort.
The team will be back again for the second chance to qualify on the 11th August. We will keep you informed on their progress.


Neil D
Neil T
John B
18th July 2007 - Calling all Junior Members.....'There's a match on Sunday'
All POHAS Junior Members, your next match is this Sunday, yes Sunday NOT Saturday, and it's on the Sankey Canal.
If you didn't do the last match or not looked at your licence for a while and your internet was off then you can be excused for not realising that the next match is this weekend.
We are also having a mini competition with the Juniors from Dallam Anglers which we did last year and was a great success.
If you want to fish and you are a member (or buy your licence off Frank), meet at Waterways car park which is off Cromwell Avenue near to St Greg's High School at 9.00am Sunday morning. The match draw takes place at 9.15am and the match fishes from 10.00am - 1.00pm.
18th July 2007 - Chapelford Urban Village
Just a cautionary note regarding this 'new pool' which is on the North Side of Chapeford Urban Village and located on Boston Boulevard.
The land is currently owned by David Wilson Homes and is nearby their 'Harvard Grange' site, the land is due to be transferred to Warrington Borough Council in the next few months according to a source at DWH.
In the conversation I had fishing wasn't specifically prohibited but DWH are trying to deter people from fishing there, particularly youngsters due to the deep (and it is deep) water.

Should any member of POHAS decide to fish this pool, then they do so at their own risk and responsibility, no liability will be accepted by the club.

Any long term decision as to wether this pool will be available to fish or not will be at the discretion of Warrington Borough Council once they become the registered landowner. We may ask the council this question once they take charge, if we do, we will keep you informed via the website/forum, and of course our monthly club meetings.
18th July 2007 - Moorlands Farm

For those members on the coach trip to Moorlands (4th August) a copy of their rules as shown on their website is now available to download (click here), other fishery rules and publications are available on our matches page then follow the 'maps & publications' link.

Remember, as we always say......It is the responsibility of the angler NOT the club that you abide by the fishery rules, ignorance is not an excuse (nuff said).

18th July 2007 - Assertive Outreach NHS logo

Penketh & Old Hall Angling Society are pleased to inform everyone that we have come to an arrangement with 'Assertive Outreach', for them to fish our waters.

Assertive Outreach are a body of mental healthcare professionals who cater for patients with severe and enduring mental health problems in the community, who traditionally may not have been able to engage with traditional mental health services.
Assertive Outreach care for adults aged between 18 - 65 living within the borough of Warrington.
The team of healthcare professionals are based in Wakefield House, Guardian Street, Warrington (see photo below).
This new arrangement allows a healthcare professional from Assertive Outreach and a party of patients to fish our waters during weekdays. Patients are supervised at all times by a professional healthcare worker.
Frank Davies our Chairman met with John Mahoney of Assertive Outreach today to finalise the details.

Assertive Outreach

Assertive Outreach
Wakefield House
Guardian Street

Tel No: 01925 666689

Frank said "The pools are generally lightly fished during weekdays, due to the fact most people are at work or at school. It is great that our club can offer this facility to a wider section of the community to let them get pleasure and benefit from fishing. Penketh & Old Hall Angling Society have been established 25 years next year, and we have always been proud that we are, and always will be a community based club".

John Mahoney of Assertive Outreach was over the moon that they can bring small parties of patients to our pools and he is looking forward to the first day's fishing and seeing the patients enjoy the calm relaxing atmosphere of a day's fishing.

Anyone wanting to know more about Assertive Outreach can contact them on 01925 666689 or visit the website (click here).

16th July 2007 - Cudmore Competition
Just a reminder to the ten anglers entered for the above competition, that the first round takes place this forthcoming Saturday (21st) at Cudmore.
Scroll down to news dated 5th July for a reminder of the details.
15th July 2007 - Summer League - Blake Hall
Our third Summer League match took place yesterday 14th July.
You can see the links below to view latest leagues including the Matchman positions. You can also see the full detailed match report highlighting the days events and showing every anglers final position, along with our usual photo gallery.
View Match Photo Gallery
Match Report
Summer Leagues 2007
Matchman Trophy
11th July 2007 - Brownlee's has a makeover
Members visiting Brownlee's in the last few days cannot fail to notice the work carried out by the Woodland Trust.
Many of you may know there is a 'rolling programme' of work being undertaken at Brownlee's over the next few years by the Woodland Trust.
Below you can see photo's of the latest additions, which include a 'Kissing Gate' at the access point off Shackleton Close, and the pathways around the site have been renovated with granite chippings.
We hope you agree that this is another improvement to the site.
If any of you have any constructive comments, feel free to e-mail them in using the contact us button or via our Forum.
Kissing Gate Kissing Gate
Pathways Pathways
9th July 2007 - Summer Match - Blake Hall
Don't forget those members booked on the above match for this forthcoming Saturday 14th July, the rules (to the best of our knowledge) are shown on a link to maps & publications on our 'Matches' page, along with rules for other fisheries. Or click here.
We always say, however, that it is the responsibility of the angler to ensure you abide by the rules and not the club.
All those fishing, meet at Blake Hall at 8.00am.
9th July 2007 - July Club Meeting
Our July meeting took place last Wednesday at 'The Maltings'. Minutes of this meeting can be viewed by clicking here, or you can view it and other reports by clicking on the link button at the left hand side of most pages.
8th July 2007 - Junior Match - Brownlee's Pool
Yesterday we had our second match in this year's Junior League.
It was the first day for ages we have seen the sun, and it shone on Brownlee's for this match we had seventeen members fishing and only three were in the unfortunate position of not catching.
We did however have one member disqualified as he knowingly saw someone put a fish or fishes into his keep net, which would have falsified this members weight and unfair to everyone elso who accepts the rules. We can state quite clearly that cheating will not be tolerated and as we have here at this match, members will be disqualified and lose any points earned.
You will see below links that let you look at the results, leagues and photo gallery.
The next Junior match is a Sunday match and is on 22nd July. This match is also a competition with the Junior members from Dallam Anglers. All the details are on the website and can be found in your licence.
If you want any further info contact Frank Davies our Chairman on 01925 652327.
View Match Photo Gallery
Match Report
Junior League 2007
5th July 2007 - Cudmore 'Club Angler' Competition

Following our monthly meeting yesterday, we can now confirm details of the Cudmore competition. It consists of two rounds, the first round takes place on Saturday 21st July and the second round on Saturday 11th August.
The top ten anglers from each round go through to the final which takes place on Saturday 29th September.
The cost to enter each round is £15. It has been agreed that the club will make a one-off payment to Cudmore Fishery to cover the 10 anglers on both rounds. Each angler is then to refund the club on the day of each round the sum of £15 each. Should an angler fail to attend for whatever reason, the £15 is still due.
The ten anglers who have put their name down are shown below.
Details of subsequent rounds/final will be detailed as and when.

Anglers in the team are:-

Ian Armstrong Paul Roby
Neil Davies Neil Turner
James Bryan Paul Rowlands
John Bryan John Burgoyne
Phil Clare Alan Lamb
2nd July 2007 - July Club Meeting
Our next meeting takes place this Wednesday 4th July (Independence Day) at our usual venue 'The Maltings' starting at 8pm.
All members are welcome, sandwiches are provided, although you gotta buy your own beer!
If you would like to get more involved with the club, or you want your voice heard, please come along.
If you are not a member but would like more information on our club, come along and pick the brains of those in the know.
2nd July 2007 - Junior Match, Saturday 7th July (Revised 05/07/07)
Just a quick reminder to all you POHAS Junior Members out there that the next match for you to enter is this coming Saturday 7th July. It takes place at Brownlee's Pool and you need to be there for 9.00am, the draw will be at 9.15am and the match will fish from 10.00am - 1.00pm.
We had nineteen members on the last match and the pool has a capacity for twenty. So if you want to guarantee and confirm a place, ring our Chairman Frank Davies after 6pm on 01925 652327.
Remember as usual we will be serving food and refreshments to our Junior members that fish the match and it is free thanks to our sponsors and donations we receive.
2nd July 2007 - Tunnel Barn Farm
Our second Summer League match and our first coach trip of the year took place last Saturday 30th June.
You can see the links below to view latest leagues including the Matchman positions. You can also see the full detailed match report highlighting the days events and showing every anglers final position, along with our usual photo gallery.
View Match Photo Gallery
Match Report
Summer Leagues 2007
Matchman Trophy
JUNE 2007
25th June 2007 - 'Funday 2007'

What a hectic weekend that was!!
Saturday a Junior match and yesterday our 'Funday'.
You can see all the details of the days events by clicking on the events link to the left of this page, you can also view all the photo's in the Gallery.

We hope you like them, thanks to everyone who came along, we will return in 2008!

25th June 2007 - Junior League - Brownlee's Pool

The first match for our Junior members began on Saturday. All the links are below to see the photo gallery, match report which shows all places/weights and the current standings in the Junior League after this first match.

Our next Junior match, also on Brownlee's takes place on Saturday 7th July.

View Match Photo Gallery
Match Report
Junior League 2007
21st June 2007 - Family Fun Day
Our family fun day takes place at 'The Maltings' this Sunday starting at 12.00pm. Our friends at Wire FM Warrington's Radio Station has advertised us on their website (click on Wire FM logo to see).
Everybody is welcome and our events page carries all the details.
Hope to see you there!
Wire FM 107.2
14th June 2007 - Fir Tree Fishery

Another member of our club has been on a recce for a future club match which we have at Fir Tree Fishery on the 18th August.
John Bryan had a trip there yesterday and fished the Main Pool, which is our match pool.
You can see John's comments on the forum (view John's report).
Once again, we hope his comments are useful.

If any other members have a trip to a fishery, send us your comments and we will publish them.

12th June 2007 - Funday Tombola 'Help Wanted'
Members at our last club meeting may recall that we asked for prize donations for the tombola at our forthcoming Funday which happens on Sunday 24th June.
If any member has an unwanted gift that is unopened and suitable for donating to the club tombola, please let us know either by e-mailing us (click here) or contacting our Secretary Paul Bryan on 07803 662159. We can arrange collection.
11th June 2007 - Tunnel Barn Farm  
Just a note to you members fishing the next Summer match on 30th June at Tunnel Barn Farm.
Our friend and fisherman Tom Prescott had a match there yesterday, and his comments are on the forum for all to see (view Tom's report).
Hope the comments are a useful tip to all.
10th June 2007 - Environment Agency 'pay a visit'

For those of you who were at yesterday's match at Hampton Springs or if you have read the match report from yesterday's match. You will be aware that we were visited by officers from the Environment Agency who were checking that all the fishermen (not just our club) had valid Rod Licences.

This news item is just a reminder to everyone that fishes, if you aged 12 and over you must have a rod licence, if you don't you could be getting a hefty fine if you are asked to provide it and it is proven that you don't have one.

Don't bother with an excuse, we are in the 21st century now, they can check on the spot!

Oh, by the way, yes we did all have our licences.

You have been warned!

"Can we see your licence sir?"

Mike Lewis with 'EA Officer'
9th June 2007 - Summer League has started!
Hampton Springs Fishery
The first in a series of seven matches started today.
Hampton Springs was the venue under a baking Summer sky. All the information can be found on the links below which include, the photo gallery, match report including all places and weights, you can see the Summer leagues both Division 1 and Division 2 along with the current positions in the Matchman Trophy.
View Match Photo Gallery
Match Report
Summer Leagues 2007
Matchman Trophy
7th June 2007 - Brownlee's Work Party
Following the cancellation of a work party on 9th May due to bad weather. It was agreed at last night's meeting that a further work party will be carried out on Wednesday 13th June starting at 6.00pm. Any members available to help please arrive at Brownlee's at 6.00pm.
7th June 2007 - Club Meeting June

Our June meeting was held at the Maltings last night among the supporters of the England v Estonia football match!
As well as our usual agenda we had a guest speaker from the Environment Agency discussing general fishery topics and particularly about encouraging juniors into the sport and the requirement for recognised coaching skills.
You can see the minutes of this meeting and past meetings by visiting our 'Reports' page, or to see the June report (click here).

Many thanks to Andy Eaves for coming to our meeting, we look forward to seeing you at a future meeting.

Just to remind members our meetings are held at the Maltings Pub, Bewsey Farm Close, off Old Hall Road, Warrington at 8.00pm on the first Wednesday of every month. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 4th July. Come along and have your say.

7th June 2007 - Brownlee's Pool
We have had good reports for a while about the fishing on Brownlee's, and some members having sizeable catches (ooh err missis!).
An e-mail appeared in your editors mailbox the other day from James Scotland one of our POHAS fraternity. We thought you may want to have a look
James & his Mirror

James Scotland (pictured left) with his Mirror Carp.

Unfortunately James hasn't sent any detail other than it was caught on Saturday 2nd June at Brownlee's.
Don't know what time it was caught.

Well done James!

If any other members want to send us there photo's, just use the 'Contact Us' button at the side of the web page and attach your photo to the e-mail, with a brief description. Hopefully, we will post it on the website for all to see.............Tightlines.

MAY 2007
23rd May 2007 - Electronic Newsletter
For those members who have included their e-mail address in the 2007/8 POHAS Licence (you mean you haven't got your licence yet!!), you should have now received our first electronic newsletter. If not, either we haven't interpreted your e-mail correctly from the licence, or if you have a Spam filter set up on your e-mail software, have a quick check, if it's there, use the 'unblock' facility on the software you use.
If we have got your e-mail address wrong, or you forgot to include it and would like to receive newsletters, e-mail us using the 'Contact Us' button to the left of this page.
22nd May 2007 - June Club Meeting
As you know we have a monthly meeting held at the Maltings Pub on the first Wednesday of every month.

At our next meeting on 6th June we have a guest speaker from the Environment Agency in attendance.

One of his topics will be encouraging young members of our local community into fishing. Some members may be aware that we have discussed this issue before, and we are looking to do something....perhaps with the support of the 'EA' this may be more easily achievable.

Our guest will also be happy to discuss other issues that may be relevant, so we would like members to attend....come on, have your say.

Meeting starts at 8pm @ The Maltings Pub, Bewsey Farm Close, off Old Hall Road, Old Hall, Warrington.
22nd May 2007 - Summer League - 'Hampton Springs'

As mentioned in the news section on 20th May, our first Summer Match is at Hampton Springs on the 9th June.
For those of you that may be thinking of having a practice, or just to arrive on the day, we have a map available for download (click here for map), or you can click on the link that is on our matches page to see all the maps and publications we have available, they continue to be added to as the season progresses.
We also have the fishery rules in our 'Maps & Publications' section, although as we always say, it is the responsibility of the angler to check with the fishery. So don't get caught out.....CHECK!
You can also visit William Fair's very good Hampton Springs Fishery website.

Happy Fishing Everyone!

20th May 2007 - Spring League 2007 Finale
LLoyd's Meadow 'Badger Pool' Roly Rules!
Lloyd's Meadow - 'Badger Pool'
Spring League Champ - 'Roly'

The third and final match in this year's Spring League took place yesterday at Lloyd's Meadow. Twenty anglers thrashed it out on 'Badger Pool' in blustery conditions.
The winner of the match was Ste Hughes with 11lb 7oz, whilst this year's Spring League champion after the three matches was Paul Rolands aka 'Roly'. As you can see from the photo above he was in triumphant mood when he heard the result.Will we hear the last of it......probably not!
Well done to everyone who fished the matches, we can now look forward to the Summer League which starts on Saturday 9th June, where we will be at Hampton Springs Fishery. Hope to see you there...

Below you can find quick links to all the updated info.

View Match Photo Gallery
Match Report
Spring League 2007
Matchman Trophy
15th May 2007 - "Ice to see you, to see you Ice"

As you can see below, we have had vandals again at Whitegate Pool. Yesterday evening (Monday 14th), our bailiffs were alerted to teenagers on the pool floating on sheets of polystyrene.
On arrival it was found that the sheets had been 'transported' from a nearby building site.
As you can see from the photo's the place was a mess today, when we undertook an emergency clean-up.
Thanks to Andy, Paul R, Frank, James, John, Dan & Paul B for turning up at short notice to clean up the mess.

It goes without saying that if you know who made this mess, please let us know, and we will deal with it accordingly.

Whitegate Pool
Whitegate Pool
Whitegate Pool
Whitegate Pool
15th May 2007 - Junior Members

Committee Members and others may be aware that back in 2004 we instigated a Child Protection and anti-bullying policies. Perhaps we should have given more attention to this at the time, but it was pre-website, so it didn't get the attention.

This news item is to advise all members and those 'visiting' this site that a section has been included in the 'Junior Match Section' on this topic, which you can see by going via the matches button, or click here for convenience. There is also the opportunity to download the documents, should you wish to read them.

9th May 2007 - POHAS Forum 100% fit..
Yes, it truly is working now. Sorry for the problems which I caused!
Many thanks to Martin at E-Blah who are the makers of the forum software.
After contacting him, it was working perfectly within one hour. What more could you ask, and it didn't cost a dime..
So if you want forum software, go to E-Blah (advertisement over).
Please use the POHAS forum now it's running again, it gives us all chance to share information.
9th May 2007 - Supercup, Round 2 - Details
You will see we posted some info on the Supercup Round 2 match on 6th May.
Well our hard working Supercup Secretary Phil Clare has now sent over the full weigh sheet from the days events, so everyone can now see their results, along with a brief match report, you can see the Supercup report by visiting our reports page, or (click here).
6th May 2007 - Supercup, Round 2 (Revised 7/5/07)

Round 2 of the Supercup took place yesterday at Burton Mere Fishery.
We were against Alliance & Leicester and Ynys Mon. The weather couldn't have been better with blue skies, sun and a light breeze blowing across the pool.
Although we had two section wins (well done Ian & Neil T) the remaining members of the team couldn't quite do it on the day.
The eventual winners were Ynys Mon who really performed well and they only had nine members fishing!
Congratulations to Ynys Mon from everyone at POHAS, good luck for the remainder of your 2007 Supercup - Go and win it!

You can see the points below:

Ynys Mon
22 Points
Alliance & Leicester
20 Points
Penketh & Old Hall AS
17 Points
4th May 2007 - POHAS Forum
Following the 'c**k up' on the forum earlier this week, we can report that it is now back in working order. Unfortunately we have lost some posts and we cannot get them back. SO POST SOME MORE!
4th May 2007 - May - Club Meeting
Minutes from our May club meeting held on Wednesday 2nd May are now published. You can view them by visiting the reports page or 'click here'.
2nd May 2007 - POHAS Forum
Following a server update last evening, we now appear to have a problem on our POHAS forum. Apologies for the inconvenience. We will fix problems within the next day or so.
APRIL 2007

28th April 2007 - Spring League, Round 2 - Dunham Fishery

Dunham Fishery

Round 2 of this year's Spring League took place at Dunham Fishery today under blue skies. We had a full house today with all twenty pegs booked up. Thanks to everyone that fished and congratulations to our winners, Ken Whibley (1st), Paul Rowlands (2nd), Alan Lamb (3rd).
The links below will take you to all the information you want about this match.

3rd (and final) round of this years Spring League: Saturday 19th May

View Match Photo Gallery
Match Report
Spring League 2007
Matchman Trophy
19th April 2007 - Help a good cause - 'The Shannon Bradshaw Trust'

Junior fishermen can take part in a contest next month to help raise money for The Shannon Bradshaw Trust.
The match is being organised by Helen Dagnall at Cheshire Angling.
It is to be held at Sankey Valley Park on Sunday 27th May. The draw will take place at 10am.
There are two age groups, Under 16's and 17 to 21. Tickets are on sale now priced at £5 and are available from Chesire Angling, 279A Thelwall Lane, Latchford. Ask for Helen Dagnall. Telephone number 01925 635486 or 498167.

Have a great day's fishing and help a very worthy cause...

For more information about the trust, click on the link below to go to their website.

The Shannon Bradshaw Trust


19th April 2007 - Brownlee's Work Party
Huck a Muck William the Sweeper
On yer bike Ken! Sling your hook
Our second work party of the year took place at Brownlee's yesterday evening.
Thanks to Frank, Ken, Ian, James, John, Alan & Will for their hard work.
As you can see from the photo's above, plenty of muck was dredged from the pool including a mountain bike!
We plan to go back again next week to repeat the exercise.
17th April - E-Newsletter

We have today issued our first 'E-Newsletter' which aims to update members with forthcoming activities within the club.
The plan is to e-mail a link to the newsletter which we hope to do on a quarterly basis if possible and time allows from the day job!
The link will be sent to all members who have given us their e-mail address.
Should members not wish to receive any e-mail from us, they can send us an
e-mail with the word 'unsubscribe' in the title bar of the e-mail and we will delete them from the circulation list for future issues.

Click here to see the first edition.

16th April - Brownlee's Pool - Work Party
Just a polite notice to all members who volunteered their services at the last club meeting.
The above work party will take place this Wednesday 18th April at 6.00pm.
Our usual 'Spring Clean' will take place, so bring along any tools you feel would be useful - - - - See you there!
16th April 2007 - Spring League "Hots Up!"
Partridge Lakes - Marsh Canal

It seems like ages (and it was), but we are back for a new season, and our Spring League started last Saturday at Partridge Lakes on Marsh Canal.
With temperatures in the high 70's it felt more like Mid Summer!
We had 20 pegs and 19 fished the match.
Congratulations to everyone who fished, especially the first three,
John Bryan (1st), Phil Clare (2nd) and Ian Armstrong (3rd).
As usual if you click on the links below you can see all the action in the Gallery and the full match report gives all weights and you can also see where you are by viewing the leagues.

Next Spring League Match: Saturday 28th April - Dunham Fishery

View Match Photo Gallery
Match Report
Spring League 2007
Matchman Trophy
12th April 2007 - Whitegate Work Party
Frank, James & Andy Andy, Frank & Dan Alf
Joe, Dan & John Ken The Workers

As you can see from the photo's above we have had the first work party of the year which took place last night at Whitegate.
Two hours were spent clearing the pool of fishing equipment, roots and branches. We have also cleared some of the scrub around the pool and overhanging branches from some of the trees.
We would like to thank all those who turned out to help including Frank, Mike, Andy and Mrs Andy, Ken. James, John, Dan, Joe, Joe Jnr, & Phil.
We also had the company of Alf Spencer who has been with the club since the start.

If you click on an image above, a larger version will open to get a better view of our hard working team.

We have another work party next Wednesday 18th April taking place at Brownlee's Pool. Meet by the pool at 6pm.

10th April 2007 - April Club Meeting
Our monthly club meeting took place last Wednesday 4th April in the Maltings Pub, thanks again to our Landlord Chris for supplying the food for our members who attended. Minutes of this meeting for those who were unable to attend can be viewed by either going to the reports page or click here for convenience.
5th April 2007 - Waterscape
Another website for you to have a look at, and was pointed out to us by our local Environment Agency is Waterscape. The site has been developed in conjunction with British Waterways, it does however have a useful section on fishing, where you can search for a fishery by Town, or Postcode. Click on the Waterscape logo and then the 'go fishing' link at the top of their home page. Waterscape
MARCH 2007
30th March - Where to fish
The clocks have gone on an hour, the weather has turned cold and wet, so that can only mean one thing......It's Summertime!
As we are all cleaning our tackle, fine tuning our maggots and polishing our sweetcorn, thoughts turn to "where can we fish this Summer"?
Take a look at the Environment Agency website, it's full of useful info, particularly as they now have Regional fishing guides for you to look at and/or download. CLICK HERE and you will go directly to the EA page with all the guides on. Oh, wherever you go fishing, be safe and enjoy!
30th March - Supercup, Round 2

News at last regarding round 2 of the Supercup.
"Trying to arrange a suitable date for all three teams has been a nightmare" Phil tells me, but at last we can confirm that the second round will take place at Burton Mere Fishery on Saturday 5th May. The draw will take place at 9.00am and the match will fish from 10.00am - 3.00pm. and we will be fishing against Alliance & Leicester and Ynys Mon AA.
The teams will each consist of 10 anglers. The names of those chosen by Captain Ian Armstrong and Supercup Secretary Phil Clare to represent POHAS will be announced on this website shortly after our next monthly club meeting which takes place on Wednesday 4th April at 8.00pm at 'The Maltings'.
30th March - Happy 17th Johnny Boy!
17 Today Slightly self indulgent as editor of this website, but many happy returns to our son John who is 17 today.
Hurry up and recover from your operation (see photo).
20th March - EA Rod Licences
Don't forget all you anglers out there, if you haven't already, now is the time to buy your Environmant Agency Rod Licence.
Any angler aged 12 years or over, fishing for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or eels in England (except the River Tweed), Wales or the Border Esk and its tributaries in Scotland must have an Environment Agency rod licence.
The current licence expires on 31st March. The 2007/8 licence is valid from 1st April 2007 - 31st March 2008.
Remember if you don't have one, and you get caught it could cost you £2,500.
Click on the 'EA' logo below to go to their on-line Rod Licence ordering page. Licences are also available via The Telesales Service (0870 1662 662) or from any Post Office in England and Wales.
Environment Agency
20th March - Other News
Villa v Liverpool

John, Neil & Phil at Aston Villa - 18/03/07
Well, it certainly wasn't fishing, and we struggled to call it football!
I think Neil and Phil thought when I mentioned 'Villa and Pool', I mean't an exotic holiday......I thought they seemed a bit keen when I mentioned it....Unfortunately it was Aston Villa v Liverpool.
Anyway, we had a good day. Oh, the result... 0 - 0.
13th March 2007 - Supercup Round 2 announced
Hot off the press is the 2nd round draw for this year's Supercup organised by The Angling Times and Van Den Eynde.
One piece of good news is that we have the home draw, we are drawn against Alliance & Leicester and Ynys Mon AA.
We are now in the last 116 with 38 teams in our Northern section. We can already be proud of what we have achieved! This second round is to be completed by Sunday 13th May.
Click on the Supercup logo to go to the Angling Times Website for more details.
More information will be posted once our Supercup Captain and Secretary have had chance to gather their thoughts..
Supercup 2007, Round 2
7th March 2007 - March Club Meeting
Our March club meeting was held last night at the Maltings public house.
A summary of the minutes can be found on our reports page, along with previous reports. Or for convenience, click here for the March report.
7th March 2007 - Licences
As members will be aware the current 'Green' licence runs out on 15th March.
We are pleased to advise that the new licence (shown here) and is 'blue' in colour, is now available via our bailiffs or from Chairman Frank Davies who can be contacted on 01925 652327.
Licence prices are unchanged at £10 for Adults and £5 for Juniors and OAP's. So great value for money!
All this years match venues, dates and prices are shown along with loads of other useful information. Get yours now!
Don't forget you will also need to get your Rod Licence from the Environment Agency, they are due on 1st April.
2007/8 Licence
20th February 2007 - Summer League
The final match has been booked for this year's Summer League. The match on 22nd September will be on Meadow View, Lymm. We have 23 pegs on 'Linnet Pool', to be booked via the usual channels (Chairman Frank!). See matches page for all this Spring/Summer seasons matches.
19th February 2007 - 1st Round of Supercup.....RESULT!

Well... what a day it was.
Nailbiting to the end!
Thanks to everyone from Grove Park AC for a great match played out with good sportsmanship and for a change excellent weather.
Over 350lb of fish was caught during the match which was way above what was expected by us given the recent weather we have had.
A close match it was to, with both teams having equal points and both teams having equal section wins, it went down to total weight caught and we had 194lb against Grove Parks 156lb.
Thanks for a great day, well organised. Hope to meet up with you again at a future match!

We will have a full match report which will be posted as soon as our Supercup Secretary has sobered up!

Your webmaster has published the photo's in the gallery, click here to view them.

Supercup Team
Back Row: John Burgoyne, Colin Wibberley, Ste Hughes, Ken Whibley, John Bryan, Alan Lamb, Ian Armstrong (Capt), Neil Davies.
Front Row: Neil Turner, James Bryan, Tom Prescott, Phil Clare (Sec)
14th February 2007 - Supercup team announced

At long last we have the team for the match on Sunday 18th February against Grove Park AC at Burton Mere Fishery, they are:

Ian Armstrong
Phil Clare
Neil Davies
Neil Turner
Ken Whibley
James Bryan
John Bryan
Alan Lamb
Tom Prescott
John Burgoyne
Colin Wibberley
Ste Hughes

Congratulations to all those who made the team, commiserations to all those who were unlucky, thanks for your efforts, and we would love to see you along with any other members who can come along on the day to support the team and the Club.
Best of luck to both teams, see you at Burton Mere!

13th February 2007 - Fir Tree Fishery

Keen readers of our news page may remember that on 7th February we published here news that we now have a Maps & Publications page, containing of course Maps and where we get them fishery rules etc.

As the above fishery is now in the calendar for a Summer League match on 18th August, we have now got a map and rules that you can download. You can either click on links in this news item or go to the match page where you will see a link for Maps & Publications in the top right hand corner of the page.

12th February 2007 - Supercup 'Important News'

News has arrived from our Supercup officials, so you squad members read on...

1st Round Match at Burton Mere - Sunday 18th February

Meet at Venue: 8.30am

Draw takes place: 9.00am

Fish: 10.00am - 3.00pm

Peg Fee: £6.50 (to be paid for by club as agreed at last meeting)

Pools Money: £5.00 (optional)

Stay tuned, team will be announced this space!

As we all want to know the weather take a look here.............. >>>>>>>>>>>
BBC Weather
12th February 2007 - Tacklemania comes to Manchester
The Tacklemania roadshow hits Manchester again on March 10th & 11th.
Bargains to be had if you have recovered from Christmas! Click the logo to visit their website.
Tacklemania 2007
12th February 2007 - Supercup Practice

To all the members who turned out for the practice match at Burton Mere on Saturday. Thank you, and well done!
To say it was cold was an understatement (see photo's), catches were few and far between.
It was probably an unfair view of the venue as the weather had been mild with a sudden cold spell putting the dampeners on the day.
If you click on the picture to the right you can see some of the photo's taken, or you can view them by going to the photo gallery.

The match is still due to take place on Sunday 18th February, however it could be postponed if bad weather prevails. We will keep you informed.
The final team will be posted here once we have had confirmation from our Supercup Captain and Secretary.

Supercup Practice Photo's

Supercup Practice Photo's

9th February 2007 - Coach Trips
We have to advise members who have booked or are looking to book on this Summer's coach trips, due to fuel/vehicle costs the trips will now be £32.00 and not £30.00.
We have had no rise in price for a couple of years, so £32.00 is still good value for money.
8th February 2007 - Website Updates

Following our meeting last evening, we can advise that further Senior and Junior matches have been confirmed, see match pages for details.

Minutes of yesterday's meeting can also be found on the reports page at the top under 'Feb'.

7th February 2007 - Maps & Publications
To add to all the other info, we are in the process of adding useful angler information, which the title above tells you.
We have added another page which will be populated as and when we get the information, it will include maps to popular fisheries, useful publications that may be of interest and where we can rules for many of our favourite venues.
You can locate the link to the 'Map & Publications' page by going to the matches page where you will find a link at the top right hand corner of the page.
If any of you have information we can use, we would be pleased to hear from you.
6th February 2007 - Website
As you webaholics may be aware, our current 'updated' site has been up and running since March 2006. In that time the visits to our site have gone from strength to strength.
The counter on the main page only shows 'unique' visits, it does not count return visits.
When we kicked off in March we had 34 total visits to our site, in September it was 1862 visits, in December it was 3954! January was also a good month with 3289 visits.
We are encouraged that our site is attracting the visitors. Please keep visiting us, we hope the information we display is of interest (it appears to be), if you think there is anything that we should add, please feedback your comments via the 'Contact Us' button to the left of the page.
5th February 2007 - Useful Guides
During a lull in our fishing activities, we have come across two publications issued by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive), who along with HM Government are responsible for Health & Safety Issues in Great Britain.
The first publication details issues relating to rats, which i'm sure we have all seen. Rats carry diseases (Leptospirosis), and everyone who is in contact with water (ie, canals, rivers etc). This publication gives details and is worth a read. Click on rat for details.

The second publication, another HSE leaflet is aimed primarily at farm workers, but gives details about electricity power lines, the close proximity of them and what can happen. Click on electricity pylon for details

Never be within 15 Metres of an electricity power line, that includes fishing rods/poles. BE AWARE!

  Electricity Pylon
All the above are well worth a read. More information on all sorts of issues can be found by going to the HSE website. Click on the HSE logo above.    
2nd February 2007 - Family Fun's coming!


We are pleased to confirm that we will again be holding our family fun day, it takes place on:

Sunday 24th June 2007

As is now customary, and thanks to 'Landlord Chris', it will be taking place at the Maltings Pub, Bewsey Farm Close, off Old Hall Road.

Go to our events page for more words and pictures.

Family Fun Day
1st February 2007 - POHAS SHOP
As from today we have added an additional item to both the adult and junior ranges of clothing.
To keep 'trendy' (not usual for fishermen I know!), we have added Hooded Sweatshirts, which will keep you warm on a breezy bank in the middle of nowhere. They are available in black only and have sizes to suit most people (up to 2XL in adult size). Visit the shop for more details.
27th January 2007 - Junior League 2007

All but one of the matches for this seasons Junior League is now confirmed.
If it is anything like the last few seasons it is gonna be another great year for our Juniors.

If you are not yet a member of our club and you are under 16, and you want to take part in our Junior matches, contact Frank Davies our Chairman on 01925 652327 for details.
You could be taking part in this seasons Junior League.
If you want, bring a friend, or your Mum or Dad. It's a great atmosphere and everyone has fun.

Don't forget all of our Junior matches are FREE to enter for our members, and where we can, WE supply refreshments while you are fishing! (2007 Match Details).

(we have a child protection policy in place for the protection of all, adult members supervising have been police checked (CRB))

Junior Match 2006 - Brownlee's Pool

Junior Matches
What a Whopper Dan!Head Chef Ken
27th January 2007 - Summer League 2007
Just to keep all you keen anglers aware of the fixtures.
We can now confirm that the coach trip booked for the 8th September as part of this years Summer League will be to Solhampton Springs Fishery near Stourport.
Several of our members have been here and fished on 'Duck Pool' which is the one we are on for this match.
It is 'tackle busting territory', you will see from the photo's that James Bryan caught a Carp which was a 'double figure' beast. The photo below was taken in August 2006.
We have 20 pegs booked, so if you are a club member and want to fish this (tackle) cracking venue, then contact Frank on 01925 652327 to book your place. Tickets are £30, which includes coach and peg fee.
Solhampton Fishery

Solhampton Fishery
Solhampton Fishery
25th January 2007 - Burton Mere Fishery
For those involved with our Supercup 2007 team, or for those who just want to go to Burton Mere for a change. We have attached a map for your convenience.
25th January 2007 - 'Go Fishing 2007'
It's almost time for the 'Go Fishing' show at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre (NEC).
As usual it takes place in March (16th - 18th).
As an added incentive this year 'Kid's go free!', or at least they do if they are under the age of 15 and accompanied by an adult. Click on the Go Fishing logo to the right and visit the site for more details.
Go Fishing 2007
24th January 2007 - "Timber-r-r!"
Many of us will be aware of the strong winds that affected many parts of the UK last Thursday.
Our Whitegate Pool also saw action ("saw action", no pun intended) , with one of the Oak trees falling under the force of the wind.
Fortunately other than blocking a path no one was hurt and no property damaged.
However it needed removing, so our friend, member and fortunately a Landscape Gardener Darren Roby came armed with his chainsaw.
Darren is also one of our sponsors, so if you need any gardening work give him a call. You will find his details on our sponsors page.
You can see the before and after photo's below.
Whitegate Pool

Whitegate Pool - "Fallen Oak"
Whitegate Pool

Whitegate Pool
Whitegate Pool

Whitegate Pool - After Darren's Handywork
Whitegate Pool

Whitegate Pool - Nice n Tidy Again!
Whitegate Pool

Whitegate Pool

"Ace Lumberjack" - Darren
23rd January 2007 - Shop 'Open For Business'
Well it has taken a while to get there, but finally the POHAS shop is open for business.
In it you will find some fancy clubwear which includes
  • Polo Shirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Fleece's
  • Baseball Caps
All items are available to order in Adult and Junior sizes.
The current club colour is burgundy except Fleeces and Caps which are available in black only.
You can even personalise an already unique item of club clothing by having your name included on it and or the club website address (in case you forget it!).
Visit the shop, see what's available for the 'trendy fisherman'.
As the items are personalised please allow up to four weeks for delivery.
So if you want a T-Shirt for the hot Summer to come (when!), and you want to keep the sun out of your eyes, get a Baseball Cap, visit the shop..
Click on the 'Shop' button to the left of the page.
21st January 2007 - POHAS Licence 2007

Just to keep you informed, production of the forthcoming licence is well under way.
We would like to point out that we do have limited space available for those of you who would like to place an advert. Possibly you folk who run your own business, this is an ideal and cost effective way to get your name across to all Club members.
There is also opportunity to sponsor a match. For a modest price you could have your name associated with one of our club matches.
If you are interested, send us an e-mail by clicking on the contact us button at the side of this page.
Closing date for this is Saturday 24th February 2007.
21st January 2007 - 'Winter League 2006/7'

The last match of the 2006/7 Winter League took place yesterday on a windswept Macclesfield Canal in Congleton.
The match details, results and final league positions are in.
You can click on the links below to see the latest match stuff.
Or as usual, you can navigate using the buttons located at the side of each page.
Match Report
See the match report and all the weights and positions
Photo Gallery
View Photo's of this match
Winter League
See final placings in the latest Winter League series
See latest positions after Macclesfield Canal match
21st January 2007 - Supercup 2007, First Round Match

It seems to have taken an age but we now have details of the first round match.
Phil Clare our Supercup Secretary has been in touch with Grove Park Angling who we are matched against in the 1st Round.
Grove Park had the home draw so it was their choice of venue.
We are to fish our match on Sunday 18th February, no it is not a typing error the match is on a SUNDAY. The match will take place at Burton Mere Fishery and we will be fishing on 'Beech Pool'.

Our team will consist of twelve members selected from our original squad.
A practice match has been arranged for Saturday 10th February.
Can all members from the squad who are available please contact Phil to confirm their intentions. (Note that this practice date is subject to confirmation). Click on Phil to the right to send him an e-mail.

22-01-07 Oops! Phil's e-mail link was incorrectly typed, now amended sorry for inconvenience.

click on Phil above to send him an e-mail
12th January 2007 - Maver Classic 2007

Some of you keen matchmen out there will be aware of the Maver Pairs which takes place at Larford Lakes.
On the Larford Lakes website it now details the Maver Classic 2007.
The difference this year is that ALL anglers have to qualify, there are no invited superstars this year.
Maver Classic 2007

click logo for details
4th January - Supercup 2007

For you Supercup fans and Supercup Team Members, just to remind you that we have been drawn away to Grove Park AC.
We have not yet received details on match date and venue, once we have it we will post the details here on the news page.
4th January - January Report

The first club meeting of 2007 took place last night at the Maltings Pub.
For those of you unable to attend you can view the minutes of the meeting by going to the reports page and you will see the link at the top for January Report.
2nd January - Three 'Go Mad' in Shrewsbury!

While most sane people at Christmas sit around eating, drinking and watching the Queen on telly and enjoy a rest.
Four of our motley Club members decided to brave the weather and zoom off to Shrewsbury for some fishing on the River Severn!
Our mad members were Phil Clare, Neil Davies and James & John Bryan.
Twas' Friday 29th December at 7.00am when two madmen knocked at our door!
I've not heard too much about the fishing, but apparently the food was OK!
Our papperazzi was enjoying a 'lie-in', so the photo's below are courtesy of Phil Clare and his mobile phone.
Madman John Madman Neil Madman James
2nd January 2007 - Welcome to 2007

Hello everyone, we hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.
Well here we are at the start of 2007.
Before you all panic and wonder where all the news from 2006 has gone, don't worry, you will see at the top of the page a section titled 'Previous Years News', click on the year (only 2006 so far!), and all that years news will be shown.
We have done the same with other pages as we are now in a 'fresh' year. However you will find an archive link at the top of any pages that have been updated, allowing you to look at past information.
Don't forget our first monthly meeting of 2007 is tomorrow at the Maltings, all members welcome. Meeting starts at 8.00pm.

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