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As you can see the News page has changed slightly. at the top you will now see the months of the 'current' year, so you can quickly search what is happening and when it happened.
Being a 'fresh' site you will also see our history starts at March, further archive history will be added to the site when time allows.

If there are things you feel we should have on the 'News' page, or anything you would like to see on any other page, please use the 'contact us' button and send us an e-mail.



22nd December - 2007 Senior Match Dates (Updated)

Our Match Secretary has been hard at work behind the scenes arranging our Spring and Summer 2007 matches.
Neil has got some of the matches booked and they are detailed below, we will add the others as and when they are confirmed, however we can give you all of the dates which are as follows so get them in your diary. Highlighted dates/matches are coach trips, the remainder are by your own transport.
We have put links to the fishery websites where available or to websites that have information on the relevant fishery. Click on the highlighted text for further information.
Spring League 2007  
14th April 2007
Partridge Lakes - Marsh Canal
28th April 2007
Dunham Fishery
19th May 2007
Summer League 2007  
9th June 2007
Hampton Springs - Rock Pool
30th June 2007
Tunnel Barn Farm - Cannel Pool
14th July 2007
Blake Hall - Penninsula
4th August 2007
Moorlands Farm - Island Pool
18th August 2007
8th September 2007
Coach Trip
22nd September 2007
20th December - Supercup 2007, 1st Round Draw

Eagle eyed folks may have spotted that the first round draw for the 2007 Supercup has been announced on the Angling Times website.
We have been drawn away to Grove Park AC.
Venue and date is not yet available, as soon as we have it, we will post it here.
If you want to see the full draw, click on the Supercup logo to the right.
Supercup 2007 R1 Draw
19th December - We're In The News........Or Are We?

News Article

Our eagle-eyed Chairman Frank Davies was on the ball a couple of weekends ago.
He was sat reading the Sunday People newspaper when he came across the article on the left.
Nothing strange you may think, a young man in County Durham fishing.
But where was he fishing......"Shotton Colliery Pond run by Penketh & Old Hall Angling Society"
We didn't know we had a branch in the North East!
We have written to the newspaper asking for details to see if there is ANOTHER Penketh & Old Hall Angling Society, or if it was 'a typo', as they call it in newspaper jargon!
If we get a response, we will let you know.
10th December - Winter League 2006/7

Yesterday saw our seasonal 'Fur & Feather' match which took place on the Bridgewater Canal, Walton, Warrington.
For the full match report, latest leagues, click on the links below.
Match Report Ian
1st Ian
2nd Neil
3rd Mike
Winter League & Matchman of the Year
7th December - December Meeting

The minutes of our meeting held last night are now published on our reports page. Click on the 'Reports' button to the left of this page or click on December for all the details.
5th December - Christmas Sales

The Christmas sales have started. You can save 10% on selected items when ordering on-line with the North West Angling Centre.
Click on the logo to visit them.
(ps - we are not responsible for the content on other sites)

North West Angling Centre
5th December - Next Winter League Match

Don't forget this Saturday 9th December is our 'Fur & Feather Match', which is being held on the Bridgewater Canal, Warrington near to the Walton Arms Pub (convenient that!). If you are a member and want to fish the last match of the year, contact our Chairman Frank Davies (tel: 01925 652327 after 6pm) for availability and any other details.
5th December - Where to fish?

Yes, we all know it's Winter, and we all begin to wonder where we can fish in 2007 when the weather improves, or now for you hardy souls.
Our friends at the Environment Agency have a list of fisheries covering the majority of the UK. All the information you could want is shown with a useful symbol guide detailing each venues facilities, eg, Day Permit, Members Only, Refreshments etc.
Click on the 'EA' logo to go direct to the fishing location page.
The downloadable files are in 'pdf' format, there is a link on their site to advise you.
It is worth bearing in mind, the files are quite large, so they may take a while to download depending on your internet connection speed. So if you think nothing is happening, wait a while and hopefully the guide you want will appear.
You can also order 'pocket' fishing guides on line from the Environment Agency, the world is your oyster!

Environment Agency
5th December - POHAS Meeting

A reminder to members that the December meeting will take place tomorrow evening (Wednesday 6th) at the Maltings Pub at 8.00pm. All members welcome.
3rd December - Angling Times/VanDenEynde 'Supercup 2007'

Once again Penketh & Old Hall Angling Society are entering a team in the
'Supercup' which is the UK's biggest Club Angler competition. There are now 450+ teams taking part, and we will be one of them!
Captain of the team this year is Ian Armstrong with Phil Clare having the pleasure of Supercup Secretary.
Below you will see the twenty strong squad, from which the team will be selected.
Practice dates and venues are yet to be confirmed, watch this space for further news.

For more information on the Supercup, log on to the Angling Times website or click on the supercup logo below.

Angling Times Supercup 2007
Ian Ian Armstrong (Captain) Phil Phil Clare (Supercup Secretary)
John John Bryan James James Bryan
John John Burgoyne Dan Dan Chesterson
Frank Frank Davies Neil Neil Davies
Joe Joe Fagan Steve Steve Hughes
Alan Alan Lamb Mike Mike Lewis
John John Mysiak George George Osborne
Tom Tom Prescott Paul Paul Roby
Paul Paul Rowlands Neil Neil Turner
Ken Ken Whibley Colin Colin Wibberley
27th November - Christmas Raffle
It's getting towards THAT time of year again.
As is usual we are having a Christmas Raffle with two Booze Hampers to be won, each worth at least £50. Tickets are only £1 each and there is a total of only 500 tickets available, so the chances of winning are better than the lottery! The draw takes place on Thursday 21st December.
All proceeds will go towards the Junior Members fund for next year, which supports the matches, purchases tackle for them etc.
If you want a raffle ticket you can contact either Frank Davies (01925 652327), or Paul Bryan (07803 662159) after 6pm.
27th November - Newsletter
Your Secretary, Papperazzi and Webmaster has just published an 'occasional' newsletter which is to be distributed to all current POHAS members.
As you are reading this you obviously have internet access. If you 'click here' you can download an advance copy of the newsletter in 'pdf' format.
27th November - Winter League 2006/7
Hot off the press from our Match Secretary are the results from our latest match at Dunham Fishery held on Saturday 25th November 2006..
Congratulations to Tom Prescott in only his second match after recently joining the club he took first place with 21lb 6oz.
You can click on the buttons to the left to navigate to read the full Match Report, view the League or admire the Photo Gallery, alternatively click on the links below to see the latest additions.
Match Report Tom
1st Tom
2nd Ian
3rd Ken
Winter League & Matchman of the Year
27th November - Forum
The forum has been up and running successfully for the last few days after a bug in the system, messages are now being posted.
We hope you get chance to have a look and more importantly take part.
Our Match Secretary has been busy putting some interesting messages on.
Feel free to respond, we value your comments and look forward to hearing from you.
27th November - "Fishy, Fishy"
Just goes to show what you unexpectedly catch.
Tony Myers one of our members was on Brownlee's yesterday and caught this little chappy on the right.
John & James Bryan were on hand with a camera to record the event.
I believe Brownlee's fished well yesterday with all members who fished catching......Although no more Goldfish appreared!
24th November - Message from our Match Secretary
Neil Following the news on 16th November that our Forum is up and running, our Match Secretary, Neil Davies (thoughtful looking bloke on the left), has posted a few messages on 'Matches' section of forum.
As some of our members/guests may have not looked at the forum for a while I have reprinted Neil's comments in full below, which we hope encourages others to comment.
We really would like to your feedback, so have your say on the forum, we want to know your thoughts. You can reply to Neil and let everyone know what you think by clicking on forum button to the left of most pages. If you have not registered, it takes only a few minutes to do.
Read On.........
Hello to all users.

For anyone who does not know I am the match secratary for POHAS.

I am sticking to my drunken word and will promise to keep the forum up to date with match topics.

Firstly this message is a little late as the winter league has already started, but hopefully we can use this forum to encourage new faces on the bank at our matches and start some useful discussion on how people would like to see the matches progress.

To anyone who has not fished a match before and has maybe thought a match might be too serious to bother taking part, let me just say our matches are more of a social event than competitive. True enough some members want to win and have the latest tackle (I have all the gear but no idea), but for the majority it is a day out. The bankside humour is legendary and you will kept entertained even if you are not catching. Anyone who is struggling to catch, just ask, everyone is friendly and approachable on the bank and in the pub afterwards.

For the winter league we book venues close to Warrington to cut down travelling etc. So in most cases you will be home before teatime. Already we have fished Lloyds Meadow and Blundells Farm. Lloyds Meadow is a great venue, every time we go there are good nets of fish, and this fishery is currently expanding. Unfortuantely Blundells Farm was fished in difficult weather conditions which affected tackle presentation, so the weights were lower than expected.

Tomorrow we are fishing Dunham Fishery near Altrincham. The junior members fished here in the summer so now we shall see how it goes when the weather cools.

The one match I would like people to be interested in is the Fur and Feather. This the tradional Christmas match fished on the Bridgewater Canal close to the Walton Arms pub. Being on a canal we don't have the usual peg restrictions that we have on an enclosed water, therefore if more people than usual are interested we can fit them in. On the day everyone should recieve a prize, there is a raffle to win a free licence for next year and a free ticket for a coach trip of your choice. We have also spoken to the management at the Walton Arms and we hoping to arrange a meal afterwards. All this as well as the usual christmas banter..

Anyway this is beginning to drag on a bit so I will post some more specific threads which I will try to keep short.

Anyone interested in the matches or wants to find out more just post a message I will do my very best to reply and I am sure other members wil do the same.

Tight Lines.
Evening all.

As I want to encourage active discussion on the forum please let me know your thoughts on the matches for next year.

It is this time of year when we book the venues for the matches. At present we have 3 Spring matches and 7 summer matches, 3 are coach trips and the rest are done in cars. The winter league is usually booked next year.

At the moment nothing has been booked but I am thinking of trying to book Maver Larford Lakes, Moorlands Farm and Tunnel Barn Farm for the coach trips and places like Hampton Springs, Cudmore, Blake Hall, Whitmore. Also thinking of including some tradtional venues like Winsford Flash or the River Weaver or Mersey.

The spring matches are fished on local venues.

So let me know your suggestions.

Tight lines.

Hello all.

Just to expand a little on what I mentioned in an earlier post about the Fur and Feather match.

This year the match is booked on the Bridgewater Canal at Walton near Warrington on 9th December 2006. We have booked the pegs between Walton Gardens and Walton Golf club bridges. Parking for the day is available at the Walton Arms pub, which is signposted off the A56.

On the day everyone will get a prize and others will be available from the raffle and the peg draw. We will also have the usual silly prizes for the top 3 anglers. Also we are currently discussing arranging a meal in the Walton Arms pub afterwards.

As far as the fishing goes, at this time of year the fishing may not be brilliant, especially if the weather is frosty, delicate pole floats, light lines and small hooks are a must. The usual winter canal tactics will work such as chopped worm for small perch, bread punch for roach and maybe a bonus skimmer, and also caster fed sparingly for a better stamp of fish in the last hour. Usually it is a close contest which many anglers have a chance of winning. If the fishing is really bad at least the pub is only round the corner.

Anyone wishing to take part let us know. Keep your eyes on the website for the latest news.

Hope to see you on the bank.

16th November - POHAS Forum

Over recent weeks we appear to have had a few issues with our forum not working correctly.
After hours of sweating over a hot keyboard, we think it is now fixed.
If you have not had chance to look at or use our forum, now is the chance.
The forum gives everyone the chance to discuss any issues, fishing related or otherwise and talk discretly to each other using private messaging.
To access the forum, click on the link to left of most pages or on the forum picture to the right.
If you find any problems, please e-mail us by using the 'contact us' button on the right of most pages.

12th November - Winter League Results Update

As promised yesterday we now have the results and table through after yesterday's match. Which has now been aptly named Blundell's 'Wind' Farm by our Match Secretary Neil Davies.
Click on the links below to speed your way to the information.
Match Report click here
Winter League & Matchman of the Year click here
Gallery click here
You will see on the Winter League / Matchman we have put the anglers photo's so you can see who's who.
Our next match is at Dunham Fishery on 25th November, hope to see you there....

11th November - Winter League - Blundells Farm

The second of our 2006/7 Winter League took place today at Blundells Farm, Rixton, Warrington.
Some sadness as we held a minutes silence to remember our friend and fellow club member John Lawrinson who passed away recently.
A turnout of 16 members took part in a match that will be remembered for the high winds that were blowing throughout the match, although the rain stayed away.
It was extremely difficult fishing conditions and a long five hours with the wind gusting westerly in excess of 25mph. Fortunately and suprisingly there were few major incidents. One highlight was seeing Roly's bait boxes sailing across the water with his bait still in it! This happened twice, and he was jokingly told "No bait boats allowed".
Ste Hughes and myself both had fights with our umbrella's....Not to put them up, although that was fun, but taking them down. The wind was so strong the mechanisms wouldn't release, but we did it in the end, without losing either of them, although we looked daft dancing round the pegs with them!.
For the umpteenth time now the Golden Peg remains safe, with the unlucky soul this time being one of our new members John Burgoyne who finished in joint third place, not bad, but i'm sure he would have fancied the Golden Peg!
The next chance comes in two weeks time on 25th November at Dunham Fishery, hope we see you there! If you are not booked on and you are a club member, then contact our Chairman Frank Davies as spaces are at a premium. His contact number is in the licence.
The photo's from todays match are now in the gallery, click here to go straight to them.
Once the results and leagues are validated by our Match Secretary, they too will be posted on the website as usual. Come back soon to see where you are..
8th November - John Lawrinson

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of our friend, long time member and Bailiff John Lawrinson.
After a brief illness John passed away on Friday 3rd November at home with his family.
On behalf of all the members and committee of Penketh & Old Hall Angling Society we wish to pass on our deepest sympathy to John's family.

The arrangements for John's funeral are as follows:-

Monday 13th November 2006

10.30am - St Barnabus Church, Lovely Lane, Warrington

11.30am - Fox Covert Cemetery, Red Lane, Appleton, Warrington

Afterwards - Maltings Pub, Bewsey Farm Close, Old Hall, Warrington


6th November - AGM Report

The report from last week's AGM is now published for you to read, along with all other meeting reports from this year, click on reports page and click on 'November' to see the AGM report
6th November - Winter League

All members who want to fish on our next Winter League match had better hurry if you haven't already booked on.
The match is at Blundell's Farm on Saturday 11th November.
Contact Club Chairman Frank Davies on 01925 652327. Pegs are going fast!
1st November - New Bailiff

The committee would like to welcome a new member and bailiff to the club.
Andy Dunbabin is the new man on the beat.
A resident of Old Hall, Andy will mainly be spending his time on Whitegate Pool, and will also visit Brownlee's Pool when necessary.
So if you see him say hello, if you have any comments on the pools let Andy know and he will pass it on to other members and the Committee.
29th October - Lloyd's Meadow

If the rest of the Winter League continues the way it did yesterday, we are in for a hell of a laugh, great competition and an expensive day out for some!
We had tacklebusting a plenty.
Paul Roby decided to attack the trees......he lost!
Neil Turner snapped a section in the reeds
Roly also attacked the flora by going into the nettles
Frank Davies hit the island and almost killed an innocent Kingfisher with his plummet!
Saving the best till last we had Colin Wibberley who you can see below going to retrieve two YES TWO 'top two's' which he lost during the course of the match. You will notice he still had a fish on, but we didn't allow it (Sorry Colin).
You may understand why we now call him 'Colin & the Four Tops' (all sing, Reach out, i'll be there).
If I missed anybody who trashed some tackle, I'm sure you will either let us know, or keep it really quiet!

Everyone caught at Lloyd's Meadow, we give our congratulations to Neil Davies, John Bryan, and Ian Armstrong who came 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively.
The full report and weights will be published along with the leagues once our Match Secretary Neil Davies has gone over the results with his fine tooth comb.
No photo's this match, but we will be back.
Keep your eyes on our site, the results of this match will be published soon.

Colin Colin Colin
Colin Wibberley retrieving his sections
Colin Colin Colin
Reach out.....i'll be there!............Put that fish back!
25th October - Winter League 2006/7

Just a reminder to all of you booked on the first match of our 2006/7 Winter League. It starts this Saturday 28th October at Lloyd's Meadow. Be there for 8.00am. If you are not booked on then it is unlikely that there are any pegs available. However speak to Frank Davies on 01925 652327 after 6pm for up to date booking information
25th October - Interesting Websites

Now the the rush of Summer has gone, and the Winter nights are just around the corner.
Your webmaster has surfed a few websites that you may or may not be aware of and when you are bored in Winter you can browse them at your leisure.
Let us know what you think, or if there are other sites you want to share with our members, send us the details and we will post them on our website, with a credit to whoever the sender was.
Here are a few to start with:

Lancashire fishing venue
Camping, Caravanning & Coarse Fishing
Fishing Resource - Articles, Reviews, Links
Discussion, Info & News from the Carp World
Lancashire fishing venue
Lancashire fishing venue


16th October - Winter League

Previous news and our updated match page gives details on our forthcoming Winter League 2006/7.
This is just a reminder to all members that the first match is at Lloyd's Meadow on Saturday 28th October.
There are limited pegs available, so if you want to be part of this year's Winter League, make sure you book as soon as you can. Contact Frank Davies on 01925 652327. As always, bookings are "First come, first served".
16th October - Annual General Meeting

Our AGM will take place at our next meeting on Wednesday 1st November 2006.
Like all of our meetings they will be held at the Maltings Pub, Bewsey Farm Close, Off Old Hall Road at 8.00pm, all members are welcome.
16th October - Timber-r-r-r

As ever, we continue to make improvements to all of our facilities.
Last week we had a tree felled that was overhanging our pool at Brownlees, this will allow more valuable light and airflow across the pools.
This time of year it also means less leaves in and around the pools.

Did you know a mature healthy tree can have 200,000 leaves, and over 60 years could lose 1.6 Tons of leaves (1633 Kg).

A few pictures below showing the 'empty space'.

Brownlee's Pool
Brownlee's Pool
Brownlee's Pool
16th October - Oh what a night!

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in posting pictures for our Presentation Night held last Friday 13th. A small problem with my ISP was to blame, which is now fixed.
Well, what a night it was, whilst the behind the scenes setting up was a nightmare (as was expected when you have a Friday 13th!), the night was brilliant! There was hardly a spare seat in the club.
We would like to thank everyone involved in supporting the night, from all those who attended, all our members, suppliers who discounted and/or gave goods to support our Junior Anglers, manufacturers who donated products ie, Preston Innovations, Garbolino and Pure Fishing UK.
It's not possible to name everyone who has supported us but you know who you are and more importantly our members know who you are, so thanks again.
Congratulations to those who won trophies, you can see yourselves in the photo gallery, and congratulations to everyone who won prizes on the night.

Just to let you know all the raffles and ticket money raised during our Presentation Night collected in excess of £200 which will go towards our Junior fund for 2007 - Thank you all very much on behalf of the Committee and Members of POHAS.

Presentation Night 2006
You can put Friday 5th October 2007 in your diary, as this is the date for our 2007 Presentation Night.
7th October - Whitegate is open again!

Just in case you didn't see the news on the 4th October. We announced that as from today Saturday 7th October, our Whitegate pool will be open for fishing. Normal service has been resumed as they say!
4th October - Presentation Night

Just to remind members that it's our Annual Presentation Night on Friday 13th October.
It is being held at our usual venue which is Roosters Club on Liverpool Road, Warrington, next to Bank Quay Sports & Social, and opposite what was Lever Brothers.
Kick off (or should I say 'All-In') is at 8.00pm. Tickets are available to members their friends and family, and are available on the door. Prices are £5 Adults, Juniors are free entry. Complimentary hot food is being served.
As well as the presentation of trophies, there will be quizzes, raffles, prizes galore. Junior members we suggest you bring your Mum's and Dad's as there is loads of goodies for you!
So if you want a good night out, hot food and a drink to soak it up! Come and join us.
If you want to know more, e-mail us or phone Frank Davies our Chairman on 01925 652327......Hope to see you there.
4th October - October Meeting

Our October meeting took place this evening at the Maltings Public House.
For those members who were unable to attend (and miss the chip butties). Minutes of the meeting are available on the 'Reports' page, or click here for a copy in pdf format.
4th October - Winter League 2006/7

Get your woolies and thermals out!
Yes for all you hardy fishermen our match secretary Neil Davies has booked the following matches for the forthcoming 2006/7 Winter League. It will of course also be the start of the new 'Matchman of the year' competition which starts in Winter and finishes at the end of next year's Summer League.
If you want to take part in any matches all members need to do is contact our Chairman Frank Davies and book yourself on a match (Tel 01925 652327).
Be quick to get a place, as 'believe it or not', Winter matches are popular!
Your own transport will of course be required as will a current POHAS Licence.
  28th October Lloyd's Meadow
  11th November Blundell's Farm
  25th November Dunham Fishery
  9th December Bridgewater Canal (Fur & Feather Match)
  20th January Macclesfield Canal
4th October - Whitegate Pool to reopen

Following tremendous effort from members and invaluable help from our local Environmental Agency, we are pleased to advise that Whitegate Pool will be available to fish from Saturday 7th October.
We would like to thank members for being supportive and patient during the recent closure.
1st October - Heronbrook Results and Final League Positions

It's official, the Summer is now over. Well at least our Summer League is.
What a great season it has been, with good fishing, good weather and good sportsmanship by everyone contesting the matches.
Below we have listed easy links to all the latest info, which can of course be viewed using the normal links on most pages.
Thanks again to Neil Davies for all the statistics and verifying the results.
View Match Report Click Here
Final Matchman of the Year Places Click Here
Final Intermediate League Click Here
Photo Gallery Click Here
Summer Leagues Div 1 & 2 Click Here
1st October - Whitegate Update

As most of you will be aware last week after advise from the Environment Agency we had to close Whitegate Pool until further notice.
This followed a major drop in water levels brought about by nearby construction work which damaged the pool base.
The latest news is that the Environment Agency visited the pool last Friday following comments that the fish appeared to be 'gasping' at the surface.
Checks by the 'EA' showed that the Oxygen levels in the water was only 12%.
Over the weekend Committee members hired and installed a pump to assist in oxygenating the water and to improve Oxygen levels.
Last evening following the use of the pump (Sunday), the fish were eating and the 'gasping' is no longer noticeable.
Water levels appear to have remained static, so it is likely that the leak has been rectified. However we now need substantial rainfall to bring the pool back up to normal levels. Water from the nearby hydrant would be a last resort as the water is Chlorinated and could damage the fish.
The 'EA' are due to visit today (Monday), where more tests are to be carried out.
The Pool will remain closed until such time that the Environment Agency say otherwise.
Again we apologise, but the long term health of the pool and it's inhabitants are of paramount importance.
As soon as the pool is available for fishing we will make it known on this, our website and with signs clearly visible at the poolside.
25th September - Whitegate Pool Closed Until Further Notice
Typical, no news to report for two weeks and now it's bad news.
It was reported to us last Friday evening (22nd) by one of our bailiff's that the water level on Whitegate Pool had dropped significantly. Probably 45 - 60cm (18" - 2ft).
Warrington Borough Council and The Environment Agency have been notified and site visits took place earlier today.
We have been advised by the Environment Agency to close the pool until such time as the water level can be returned to normal.
This will reduce uneccessary stress on the fish population along with other aquatic life within the pool.
Action has been and will continue to be taken to return the pool to it's normal level, but has to be done over a period of time to maintain water balance and protect the inhabitants.

We of course apologise for the inconvenience and we will advise here on the news page and by notices on Whitegate Pool when fishing can be resumed. We have no control over the incident, but we are being guided by Local Authority and Agency personnel and we are all endeavouring to get the pool back to normal as soon as possible

You will not need reminding that Brownlees Pool is OK and all members are welcome to fish there.

We have shown some photo's below which highlights the current state of Whitegate Pool, you can see for yourself the reduced water level, and this is an improvement, as water has been added today!
Whitegate Incident Whitegate Incident
Whitegate Incident Whitegate Incident
Whitegate Incident
12th September - Larford Lakes - League Updates

As promised in yesterday's news, we now have the match report and league updates. The links below will take you directly to the latest info. Thanks to Neil Davies our Match Secretary for the facts and figures.
View Match Report Click Here
Latest Matchman of the Year Click Here
Intermediate League Click Here
Photo Gallery Click Here
Summer Leagues Div 1 & 2 Click Here
11th September - Larford Lakes - Match Photo's

Hello folks
Just to let you know the photo's from the latest senior match are now available in the gallery (click here).
As is usual, the match results and league tables will be posted once verified by our match secretary.

11th September - August Competition


Some of you may recall that we asked readers for a slogan to a photo of two of our members which was taken at a recent junior match at Dunham Fishery.
Many thanks to Steve in Rhyl for his slogan which we felt fitted the photo perfectly. Let us know what you think..


Ian & William


7th September - September Meeting

Following our monthly meeting yesterday, the minutes are now available on the reports page. Thanks to all of our members who attended and best wishes to our club member and Friend John Lawrinson who we here today has gone into hospital. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from everyone at POHAS.


7th September - Junior League 2006 - Match Statistics

As the season is complete, we have a few statistics we can share with you
Number of anglers fished this season 29
Highest weight in a match John Bryan - 24lb 9oz - Dunham Fishery, 12th Aug
Biggest Fish Dan Gore - 5lb 14oz Carp - Brownlee's Pool, 8th July
Total weight caught this season 137lb 2oz
Number of hours fished 19 hours (extra half hour at Meadov View & Dunham)
Number of matches
Now for a few useless facts
As you know we like to feed the boys and girls when we can
Here is what we used this season:-
  32 Bags of chips
  160 Burgers
  80 Sausages
  160 Hot Dogs
  15 Litres of pop
  6 Large Onions
  360 White Rolls
  2.5 Litres of Tomato Ketchup


3rd September - Junior League 2006

What a finale to the 2006 Junior League, it could not have been closer.
The top three for this year are:-

1st - Dan Gore
84 Points
2nd - James Cliff & Hannah Rowlands
78 Points
3rd - John Bryan
73 Points

Congratulations to everyone who took part this season, also to our helpers for their contributions, we can't do it without you.

View Final 2006 League
View Match Report
View Match Photo's
Points scored per angler 2006

As usual we have our league, match report and photo gallery for you to view full details on anglers/weights etc. We have also listed all anglers who have fished and points awarded per match during 2006 season. Links above for your convenience.

Don't forget our Presentation Night on Friday 13th October at Roosters Club, Liverpool Road, starts at 7.30pm. Junior Members are free, accompanying adults are £5 Each. Hot buffet available free for everyone, loads of give aways for the Juniors, competitions, and loads of laughs.....and of course Trophies!
See you there.


31st August - Latest News

Hello again you fish surfers.
Sorry for the gap in news, but some of the members have been on our 'Jolly Boys Outing 2006' which like last year was to Stourport.
For an insight into the week you can click here to view a report aptly named 'Stourport on Severn (Pints)', it is a large file (2.87Mb), so it may take a while to download, we hope you enjoy the read.

You can also see the photo's in the gallery, follow the links on the gallery page.

Don't forget Junior members, it is the last match on Saturday 2nd September, and this will be the decider for our Junior League this year. Remember 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will each receive a trophy at the presentation night (13th October). Plus all the usual trophies, give-aways and food


20th August - League Updates

As promised in the news yesterday, we now have the official leagues from our match secretary Neil Davies following yesterday's match at Charity Farm..
Our intermediate league although still having two matches to go, the top three is sorted, but how the final three finishes is all to play for.
View Match Report Click Here
Latest Matchman of the Year Click Here
Intermediate League Click Here
Photo Gallery Click Here
The 'Jolly Boys Outing' to Stourport takes place this week 21st - 25th August..
If the editor can get an internet connection, we will update the site with 'Jolly Gossip' and photo's........If he can't they will be added next weekend.
See you soon.....
19th August - Charity Farm Match

For those of you who attended this match, we all know it was the worst weather so far for any match this Spring/Summer.
Heavy showers and a cool breeze put a dampener on proceedings.
The water temperature had probably been reduced too quick for the fish with the rain over the last few days, this probably was the main reason for the generally low weights.
A few Carp were netted but mainly Silverfish was the order of the day.
The leagues and match report will be compiled once we have the confirmed results from our match secretary, however we can congratulate our top three, Ian Armstrong (1st), John Bryan (2nd) and James Bryan (3rd).
We also had an Intermediate League match incorporated into the main match, congratulations to, John Bryan (1st), James Bryan (2nd), Dan Chesterson (3rd).
Once again leagues will be updated when received from 'Match Sec'.

We do however have a few photo's in the gallery from this match.....Not many as the Paperazzi preferred to stay dry!! (view here)


Charity Farm - Pool No4

Charity Farm - Pool No4

Ian concentrating

Ian - Focusing on the job

18th August - Killer Carp Disease

KHV (Koi Herpes Virus) is making the news again, although it doesn't appear to have come any further north than the Midlands.
You can read the full story on (click here).

17th August - Website Addition

Just to prove we are not here twiddling our thumbs.
You will see if you look at the navigation bar to the left of most pages. We have added another button which is our 'Guest Book'.
Similar in some ways to our forum, but a little more user friendly.
You can send messages to us, and all messages are viewable by all visitors to our website.
We look forward to your comments, and look forward to hearing from you.

16th August - Illegal Tackle on Brownlees

It has been brought to our attention today, that someone has fished with illegal tackle on Brownlee's Pool.
One of our members retrieved a size 6 barbed hook from a 7lb Common Carp. The hook was located in one of it's pectoral fins.
The fish appeared to be OK, we obviously don't know how long the hook has been there.


Anyone found to be fishing with illegal equipment and/or bait will be asked to leave the waters.
Any repeat offence will be reviewed by committee members, and action taken accordingly.

All rules and regulations can be found in the licence.

Remember......We all like fishing, but we also have a duty of care to the fish in our waters, using Barbed Hooks is not allowed.

Barbed Hook
Barbed Hook
13th August - Junior & Intermediate League Updates

Yesterday saw the penultimate Junior match for 2006.
We also managed to squeeze in another Intermediate League match.
Nineteen members fished which is another great turnout, three of them were additional Intermediate members.
The weather stayed good with sunshine every now and again but a nagging breeze affected some of the pegs.
Good to see Ste Hughes back in the club and his son Sam who was fishing for the first time - Well Done Sam for finishing 6th. Good going for your first time!
Congratulations to John, Jake and Dan for their 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. With an extra pat on the back for John as he was competing in the Intermediate match also, which he won as well.
As you will see looking at the Junior League, the points are close, and the last match at Whitegate on 2nd September will yet again be the deciding factor.

The Intermediate League is also close between the first three anglers, they have three matches left......Lot's of time for nailbiting!

Thank you's time again...To James & Karen at Dunham Fishery, Captain Hotdog (aka Frank) for the food and drink, able assistants, Taffy, Ken, Roly, Joe, Mike, & Paul B
Easy links below will allow you to see the latest updates (or use the usual buttons located at the side of each page):-

Just before we go, it doesn't happen often, but we had an Angler go to sleep on the job!
Hard to believe I know, but it's true, he admitted it.
"Pete mate, sleep well!"
Sleepy Pete
Junior League click here
Intermediate League click here
Match Report (inc all weights) click here
Photo Gallery (Dunham) click here
13th August - Photo Of The Month

As most of you are aware yoyr web editor is also Paperazzi, and at yesterday's Junior match at Dunham Massey I had a classic photo opportunity.

What we would like is for you to send back a suitable caption.
No doubt you creative people can oblige. The prize is to have the photo printed and framed with the winner's caption. We will publish the photo again with the caption and the name of the clever person that wrote it. Closing date is 27th August. So you have two weeks to think of a good punchline.
Please use the contact us button at the side of the page.

It goes without saying, keep it clean!


Ian & William Armstrong

at Dunham Fishery


Ian & William


9th August - Junior Member Update (Updated 11.00pm)

Before we continue with our update, we would like to thank Jim Shaw for his kind donation of tackle which he passed to us at today's venue (Meadow View). As usual, we will distribute this to our Junior members at our Presentation Night on Friday 13th October. We hope you can join us.
You can visit Jim's shop at 72 Evelyn Street, Warrington, or contact him on 01925 659090.

Well, what an amazing day this was.
Not only did we have our Junior League to contend with, the match also incorporated a competition between our current top six Junior Anglers and Juniors from Birchwood Anglers.
It has to be said that the turnout for this match was absolutely great, and we thank all of them for their enthusiasm and support.
We were also to have an 'intermediate league' match, but due to the high turnout we had to let that pass as the pool could not accomodate them as well as all the Juniors, so apologies to Alan, Dan, James and Pete. We hope you enjoyed your 'practice' on the other pool!

We will incorporate an intermediate match at the next Junior Match on Saturday 12th August at Dunham Fishery.

Back to this Junior league match, we had nineteen members fishing along with six from Birchwood, this was a total of 25 which filled every available peg on the pool.

As far as our league goes it is getting very close, to view league click here
To view match report which details all weights click here

For the photo's taken at todays match click here
You can of course use the links at the side of most pages.

Below you can see the results of the competition between our Juniors and Birchwood's.
As Birchwood selected six to fish, we selected our top six (current league standing prior to this match).
The match was based on total weight, and as you can see below, we managed to haul in more 'poundage'.
We would like to thank all the Guys and Gals from Birchwood for their sportsmanship, and to John Burgoyne their Match Secretary for his help.
Hopefully we will have a similar match with them next year at a venue of their choice.
Well done everyone!

POHAS Juniors v Birchwood Juniors
James Cliff
4lb 12oz
Grant Bottomley
0lb 9oz
Dan Gore
3lb 9oz
Robert Calvert
1lb 12oz
Ashley Pilling
5lb 12oz
Adam Cresswell
8lb 12oz
Hannah Rowlands
4lb 2oz
Matthew Creswell
0lb 4oz
Josh Turner
0lb 14oz
Steven Richie-Hayes
2lb 5oz
Jack Wright
4lb 0oz
Shaun Richardson
3lb 4oz
23lb 1oz
16lb 14oz

Many thanks to all those who fished. To the Senior members who assisted and provided transport (Frank, Mike, Joe, Taffy, Paul R and Paul B).
Thanks to Frank and Taffy for getting the food (nice chips).
Thanks to John Burgoyne of Birchwood Anglers for his help. Look forward to a return match at a venue of Birchwood's choice next year.

6th August - Diary Dates

Junior members, don't forget you have a busy week ahead.
On Wednesday 9th August a match is arranged for Meadow View, Lymm
On Saturday 12th August a match is arranged for Dunham Fishery, Dunham Massey.
For both matches, meet at Brownlees Pool at 9.00am.
Transport is available from Brownlees should you need it, we will be fishing from 11.00am - 2.00pm, after which we will return to Brownlees.
If you have friends who want to fish, it is never too late to become a junior member. The cost is £5 for a year and Licences are available from Frank Davies our Chairman (Tel 01925 652327), or contact us via the website.

6th August - Match & League Updates

Well, what a busy weekend it has been.
We have had the Woodlands Lakes match at Thirsk for our Senior members, a good day was had by all. You will know what I mean when you see the photo's.

As you will recall, we had no Intermediate League match at Blake Hall, but we did at Woodlands Lakes, click on link below to see the latest league update.

To make life easier for you web folk, there are a few quick links below for the relevant info.

Don't forget we would like t have feedback from you members, so contact us, let us know what you think.

Woodland Lakes - Match Report
Woodland Lakes - Photo Gallery
Woodland Lakes - Summer Leagues Div 1 & 2
Matchman of the Year - League
Intermediate League - After Woodlands match
. .
6th August - Blake Hall Match Photo's

As promised on a previous occasion we now have the photo's taken at the above match on 22nd July.
As you know, your webmaster was on his hols, so we are indebted to Ken Whibley who kindly stepped in with his camera. (View Here), or go via the gallery link on the left of the page.

Whilst mentioning Ken, alongside is a photo of Ken taken on 4th August, 50 miles off the coast of Plymouth. He is accompanied by a 76lb Conger Eel.
(Did you cook it Ken?)
Let's all sing "Ooh, Ooh, Ooh come on and do the Conger" (er Conga).,,,,

Ken's Conger

2nd August - Report from this months meeting held this evening now available to read on report page or (view here). for convenience.

2nd August - Venue Updates (added 5.30pm)

Our Senior members are off to Woodland Lakes in Thirsk this weekend.
But on 19th August the next match is at Charity Farm Near Wigan.
For those who are unsure of the location, or want to go for a practice click here to find a map you can download.
You can also visit the Charity Farm Website

2nd August - Latest Updates for Junior members (added 1.00pm)

Junior League now updated following Canal match on Sunday 30th July (view here)
Junior Match report for canal match added (view here)

Whilst on the Junior subject, don't forget next Junior match is at Meadow View, Lymm on Wednesday 9th August. We will be fishing from 11.00 - 2.00pm, there are 20 pegs available. If you want to fish you can contact Frank Davies on 01925 652327. Transport will be available and pick up will be from Brownlees Pond, Shackleton Close 9.00am.

The match after that is on Saturday 12th August, yes 3 days later!
This is being fished at
Dunham Fishery, Dunham Massey.
Anyone wishing to fish this match should meet at Brownlee's Pool at 9.00am on the day.
Transport will be available to take members to venue.
The match will fish from 11.00 - 2.00pm.
We will return to Brownlee's Pool after the match (approx 3.15pm).
If you are making your own way there is a map for your convenience (map here)
Remember Junior matches are free to enter this year, so come on have a go, if you haven't got your licence yet, contact Frank Davies on 01925 652327. Junior licences are £5 for a year which entitles you to enter all Junior matches and fish both of our pools (Brownlee's and Whitegate). Licence expires in March 2007.

2nd August - Latest Updates

Sorry for the lack of news, but as reported below, holidays got in the way.
However we have been beavering away to put some of the latest updates on, starting with the last Senior Match on 22nd July which took place at Blake Hall.
You can view the
Matchman of the year and Summer leagues division 1 & 2. (view Matchman League) (view Summer Leagues).Leagues are subject to ratification by Match Secretary.

The match report for Blake Hall is also available and lists all placings (click here).

There was no Intermediate League match at Blake Hall as the minimum of four eligible members wasn't met. Lets hope we get another at Woodlands Lakes on 5th August.

Junior League. Sankey Canal - 30th July - Just to confuse, this match was held on a Sunday instead of the usual Saturday. This and the fact we are into holiday season mean't that we only had seven Junior members fishing, although we had a mini-competition with Dallam Anglers, so in total twelve Juniors fished.
'Captain Hot-Dog' aka Frank Davies our Chairman kindly took his mobile catering facility along to provide those in attendance with Hot Dogs.
Have not completed report or leagues yet (see news later roday), however one of our deputy papperazzi was there (cheers Phil), who took a massive four photo's. We have 'modfied' some of them for your entertainment, see them in the gallery or (click here).....As we said, leagues and report will be added later.

Fishery Rules - Due to popular demand, our Match Secretary Neil Davies has kindly compiled a list of Fishery Rules for the remaining Summer Matches for 2006. We would however advise that this is not an exhaustive list but a guide. We suggest that if you are in any doubt, you contact the Fishery concerned. There is contact information for each of the remaining venues for 2006. As we always say, it is the responsibility of the angler to 'Be Prepared' (as Lord Baden-Powell would have said). To download the list click here.
This list is also available in the 'Rules Section' of this website.

JULY 2006

12th July - Website Updates

Just to let you know, your webmaster will be on holiday after today, so no further updates will be added until 1st August. Apologies for this, but you have to have a holiday sometime!

Good luck to everyone in your matches while we are away, and to Ian tomorrow in the Clubman final.
Don't forget you can still e-mail us, and chat via the forum.
We will respond to any e-mails and add results updates when we return.....Tight Lines.

12th July - Clubman Trophy

Our current matchman of the year Ian Armstrong competed in the above at Woodland Lakes, Thirsk yesterday
We are pleased to say Ian qualified and goes through to the final which is being held tomorrow, 13th July at the same venue.
Good luck Ian!

10th July - World Cup Draw

Many thanks to everyone who took part in our World Cup Draw.
Congratulations to our winners.

  • George Robinson (Bank Quay Sports & Social Club) - £100
  • Neil Davies (Penketh & Old Hall Angling Society) - £50
  • Mark Dillon (Bank Quay Sports & Social Club) - £25
  • Ste Fisher (Bank Quay Sports & Social Club) - £25

If you had a go and wonder what team you had (click here).

Update: 19.00hrs - Apologies to Neil Turner (POHAS). For some unexplicable reason on the team sheet his name does not appear. It should appear adjacent to Mexico, which was his selection. Apologies for the confusion.

8th July - Junior League Results from Brownlee's


Our second Junior match for 2006 took place today,
and our winner by a mile was Dan Gore. You can
see him with one of his Carp to the right.
In total Dan got 11lb 12oz, well done Dan!
It was also good to see some new members fishing today, with more due to attend furure matches.
Talking of which the next match is on the Sankey Canal near Waterways, details were handed out during the match today, but you will see all the info you want either earlier in the news section (6th/7th July below),
or in the match section under Juniors.

We hope you are all enjoying the matches, and the website, see you at the next match.
Don't forget we have ourl photo gallery from this match, which you can view by clicking here or via the gallery button on the left of most pages.
You can also view the results by clicking here or via matches button on the left of most pages then follow the links.
Have a look and see where you are.
The match report is also listed in match section,
click here for convenience.

See you on the canal, Sunday 30th July at 9.00am. Any problems contact Frank on 01925 652327.


Dan & his 5lb 14oz Carp

Well done to our Top Three today - Dan, Scott and Hannah....


7th July - Junior League - Match Update

Well, it's all go here!
We can confirm that the Junior match on Saturday 12th August is to be held at Dunham Fishery, Dunham Massey.
Anyone wishing to fish this match should meet at Brownlee's Pool at 9.00am on the day.
Transport will be available to take members to venue.
The match will fish from 11.00 - 2.00pm.
We will return to Brownlee's Pool after the match (approx 3.15pm).
If you are making your own way there is a map for your convenience (map here).
Remember Junior matches are free to enter this year, so come on have a go, if you haven't got your licence yet, contact Frank Davies on 01925 652327. Junior licences are £5 for a year which entitles you to enter all Junior matches and fish both of our pools (Brownlee's and Whitegate). Licence expires in March 2007.

Dunham Fishery

Dunham Fishery

6th July - Adult Match - Blake Hall

As most will be aware the next senior match is at Blake Hall on Penninsula Lake on Saturday 22nd July, speak to Frank (01925 652327) to book on.
There are 25 pegs available.
Meet at venue at 8.00am or at Tyrol House (now F's) at 7.00am.
There is also a map and directions available (click here). Allow one hour for travelling.
Rules and regulations for Baden Hall are to be made available shortly on this news page. Or you can contact the fishery directly on 01538 753908 or 07970 732656 or 07837 784622.

6th July - Junior Match Venue/Time Update

Following our meeting yesterday evening we can confirm the details of the Junior match, shown in the licence as '29th July TBA'.
This match will now take place on Sunday 30th July, YES a Sunday match .
It will be on the Sankey Canal and we may have a competition with Junior members of Dallam Anglers although this is yet to be confirmed, but there will be a match.
Meet on car park at Waterways (not far from Warrington Peace Centre) situated off Cromwell Avenue. (See here for map).
Time to meet, 9.00am, fish from 10.00 - 1.00pm.
If you have any queries, contact Frank Davies on 01925 652327.
If you are not a member, but you want to be, speak to Frank. Junior membership is only £5, Adults £10, the current licence is valid until 15th March 2007, and you are entitled to fish our pools and if you are a junior fish the Junior matches. All Junior matches this year are FREE.

We will soon have news for the Junior match to be held on Saturday 12th August.
As info is available, you will read it on this news page. COME BACK SOON!

6th July - Meeting Notes

Our regular monthly meeting was held at the Maltings Pub last night.
To view the minutes of the meeting (click here).

5th July - League & Report Updates

At last we have updated the Matchman of the year and Summer leagues division 1 & 2. (view Matchman League) (view Summer Leagues).

We have also updated Intermediate League (view here)

Match reports for Cudmore and Boddington Reservoir added (view Cudmore) (view Boddington Res).

Next results and reports posted after 1st August as webmaster is on holiday.

2nd July - News

Just a reminder that it is our monthly members meeting on Wednesday 5th July, 8.00pm in the Maltings Pub. Come and have your say. Hope to see you there...


Next Junior League match is on Brownlee's Pool on Saturday 8th July.
Match fished from 10.00am - 1.00pm. Meet poolside at 9.00am.
Don't forget that all junior matches are free to enter for our junior members and as usual we will be having a barbeque and drinks, which is also free to our junior fishing members. We have 20 pegs available, if you want to fish and you are a member, be there at 9.00am.

2nd July - Gallery Update


Back again folks!
Today we have added the photo gallery from the latest Summer League match which took place at a sweltering Boddington Reservoir yesterday.
You can view the pictures by clicking here or by using gallery button to the left of each page.
Apologies for the delay in publishing full match results and league tables for both adult and intermediate leagues. They will appear within a few days subject to our match secretaries commitments along with a match report.
What we can do is congratulate our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place members from yesterdays match, who are, 1st Neil Turner, 2nd Phil Clare and 3rd Ken Whibley. Well done one and all.
This was our first coach trip of 2006 and a good time was had by all. We even had some didjeridoo playing on the coach (don't ask).
The day was clouded by the fact that England lost to Portugal in the World Cup.
At this point we would like to thank the committee and members of Byfield Conservative Club who allowed us to join them in watching the match and downing a few drinks! Thank you boys and girls, see you next time we are down your way.


JUNE 2006

27th June - Website News

Just to keep you websurfers updated. You will recall that we relaunched our site after a complete makeover in March 2006.
We are pleased to say that visits to our site is going very well thanks to our members, the fishing fraternity and other passers by who stop for a look.
Our average number of visits per day (people who look through the site) is now 44 and steadily rising. Not bad for a local community club eh!
The total number of hits we have had so far in June, that is people who have come on to a page on our site either intentionally or otherwise is 42366. Hard to believe but fact, as these stats are received directly from our webserver.

Can we thank all those that visit for their time, it goes without saying the purpose of the site is to inform and entertain, if we are doing that, we are happy. Please let us know if there are things you would like to see, especially from members. You can contact us via the forum or use the contact us button.

Keep on surfin'.....

24th June - Junior League

Our first Junior match of 2006 took place today at Brownlees Pool. We had eleven fishing the match, some new faces were there for the start of this new season.
The weather was excellent with only a few minor spots of rain.
It was a close contest and catching was difficult.
After the three hour match our winner was Jack Wright with 14.5 oz, second Tom Fagan with 13oz and third Hannah Rowlands with 11.5oz.
Jack tells us that Pinkies were the best bait to use today, and as he won, we ain't arguing!
Thanks to Ken for being the chef again, everyone enjoyed the burgers and sausage, washed down by a glass of coke.
Well done to all those that fished and see you at Brownlees on 8th July for the next Junior match. Don't forget if you have a friend who wants to join, it's easy, only £5 for a junior licence and it's valid until March 2007, they can fish when they want (except match days, and no night fishing). See one of our bailiffs, speak to Frank Davies our Chairman or come along to our next junior match with a nice crisp fiver, they can then be in the league.

It goes without saying that we have our usual photo gallery from this our latest match, which you can view by clicking here or via the gallery button on the left of most pages.
You can also view the results by clicking here or via matches button on the left of most pages then follow the links.Have a look and see where you are.

Match report also listed (click here).

Enjoy your fishing, stay safe and see you next time...

1st Jack Wright
2nd Tom Fagan
3rd Hannah Rowlands


22nd June - 'Clareys Photo Collection' - No2

As promised here's Phil's second collection which were all taken at Makins in 2001, click here to view or use gallery button.

22nd June - 'Clareys Photo Collection' - No1

Readers, you may recall a while ago we asked for members to send in their photo's from years gone by, they could be POHAS matches or just fishing photo's you want to share.
Our friend Phil Clare in his recent house move has discovered photo's from yesteryear.
This is the first of two collections that Phil has sent in, the other will be uploaded when the editor gets a minute!
You can view Phil's first collection by clicking here, or use gallery button located on most pages. Enjoy...

18th June - Cudmore

Photo's now added from the match held on Saturday 17th June.
You can see them by using navigator buttons on left of most pages or for convenience (click here).
Results and tables will be updated when confirmed by Match Secretary.

13th June - Summer League

Just a reminder members if you didn't already know, the Summer League starts on Saturday 17th June. Our first match is at Cudmore in Staffordshire on Brewsters Pool. If you are not booked on, then contact our Chairman Frank Davies quick to see if there are any pegs available. His number is in the licence.
If like me you have been to bed since we last went to Cudmore, I have done a map which you can download by clicking here.

Oh, don't forget, if you are on the match you need to be there for 8.00am. Suggest you allow 1 hour from Warrington (Approx 47 miles).

13th June - June Meeting

You can now find the minutes of the June meeting held last Wednesday 7th June by clicking on reports link or click here.

12th June - 'World Cup' Family Fun Day

Hello there you fishing folk and web surfers!
Our fun day took place on Saturday 10th June. The aim was to raise funds for the Junior section of our club to cover match costs and provide equipment that is given to our Juniors at our annual presentation night in October.
The weather could not have been faulted, it was clear blue sky all day and wall to wall sunshine. We had our usual favourites, 'Beat the Goalie', 'Tin Can Alley', 'Maggot Racing', 'Bash the Rat'. With an addition this year of 'Bouncy Boxing', and a helicopter hovering overhead offering England support!
If you haven't seen 'Bouncy Boxing' look at the photo's in the gallery. Customers absolutely loved it, even though one of them lost a tooth in the process!
A great day was had by all, and more importantly we raised in excess of £200, which beats our previous record of last year.
We would like to say a few thank you's, and in no particular order.
Thanks to Alex the Landlord of the Maltings and his able assistant Matty, for their support and sponsorship of the event (same time next year eh!), Also to 'Andy the Chef' who was outside in the sun all day on the barbeque, I swear he was two stone lighter when he went home!
Thanks to the club members and their partners who came along and offered support, assistance and a flippin' good laugh, including:

Frank D, Neil & Margaret, Steph & Phil W, Taffy, Phil C, Mike, John L, Roly & Dot, Tina B, James B, John B, Adam & Dan. If I have missed anybody off, I apologise in advance, I'm sure you will let us know.

Thanks to Tony Fagan for his donation of beer for our 'Beat the Goalie'.

Special thanks to everyone who came along and gave their time and money so generously.....Oh yes and England beat Paraguay one nil as well!

12th June - Junior Members - IMPORTANT NOTICE.

Don't forget that the Junior League starts on Saturday 24th June.
The first match is on Brownlees Pool, match runs from 10.00 - 1.00pm.
Please be poolside by 9.00am for the draw, there are 20 pegs available.
Don't forget as usual we will have our barbeque there, so all junior members fishing
the match will get the chance to have a burger or hotdog with a drink absolutely free!
If you are a Junior member (aged up to 16 and still at school) make sure you have your 2006 licence.
If you have a friend who wants to fish, he/she can become a member. Junior membership is £5 and is valid until 15th March 2007.
To get a licence you can ask any of our bailiffs who regularly patrol both of our pools (bailiff photo's are shown on rules page), or contact Frank Davies our Chairman on 01925 652327 (after 6pm).

And for 2006 all Junior matches are free to enter, all you need is your membership and your tackle, we'll even provide a barbeque free! (On all matches held on our waters). What more could you want!!
See Junior Match page for more details.

Web Update - 8th June

Sorry for delay my fishy friends, have been busy with work, club stuff and trips to the hospital. Anyway, I'm here again.
At long last I have added the photo gallery from our last Spring League match at Blundells Farm. You can see the merry bunch by clicking on the gallery button or for convenience (click here).
Congratulations to Neil Turner who won the match and the Spring League.
Neil has kindly 'volunteered' some of his tips (click here) to view his thoughts on fishing at Blundells Farm.

It's our World Cup Family Fun Day at 'The Maltings' on Saturday 10th June starting at 11.00am. We would love to see as many people there as possible. All money raised goes to support our up and coming Junior Anglers to give them further encouragement. You can also see England v Paraguay live on TV starting at 2.00pm. Come on down, weather set to be glorious, loads of fun and games, and a footy match as well! What more could you want?

MAY 2006
News Update - 27th May

The last of the Spring League matches took place at Blundell's Farm on the Pine Lodge pool today (27th May), the weather wasn't too bad considering the amount of rain we have had over recent days. A couple of light sprinklings came down. The strong breeze may have had an effect on results as the temperature dropped towards the latter stages of the match.
You can view the final standings for this year's Spring League (click here), Matchman of the year table 2006 is also updated (click here) and Match report which also shows weights and all placings (click here).
Intermediate League update (click here).
As your webmaster is away for a few days, the photo gallery will be added upon my return

Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday.....

News Update - 16th May

Hello anglers! A little snippet of info taken from our forum which had been posted by James. A 'Shotting Calculator' (I think I spelt that right!). If you click on the link to the right, it takes you to a site where you can do all your shotting calculations. Let us know what you think, either via e-mail (contact us), or via the forum.

'World Cup Family Fun Day', at the Maltings Pub takes place on Saturday 10th June. The aim is to raise funds to support our Junior Anglers. Plans are now underway for the event, put the date in your diary, it will be a great day (even better if England beat Paraguay, kick off at 2.00pm live on TV in the pub). We will post more news, and tell you whats happening as soon as it is confirmed.

Shot Calculator

News and Results - 14th May

The second of three Spring League matches took place at Brookside on Willow pool yesterday (13th May), the weather wasn't as kind as the previous match, but a good day's fishing was had. You can view latest Spring League standings (click here), Matchman of the year table 2006 is also updated (click here) and Match report which also shows weights and all placings (click here).
As our statistician Neil was away sunning himself, your webmaster has updated leagues, and subject to verification by 'ND' when he returns. Any changes will be noted on the website and mentioned at the next monthly meeting.
You can also see the day's photo's by clicking on the gallery button, or (click here).
You can also navigate using buttons located on left hand side of most POHAS pages.

On another matter CONGRATULATIONS to Adam Hill for passing his driving test last Friday (12th). If you see a red Vauxhall Corsa close to you on the road be very afraid.......
Seriously, well done Adam from everyone at POHAS.Adam

Latest News - 10th May
Spring League - Brookside Saturday 13th May - Don't forget if you are booked on to this match, you have to be at the venue for 8.00am (maybe a little earlier), as 'all in' must take place at 9.00am. So you'd better be as quick as a Ferrari F1 pit crew!
Brownlee's Work Party took place this evening under clear blue skies and warm sun (must be summer then!). Thanks again to Dave, Frank, Ken, Neil T, Josh, James & John. The evening was spent doing some light pruning and removing dead leaves and branches from the perimeter of the main pool. Two and a half hours later the place was spick and span. Special thanks to Dave and John who got in the water to try to relocate a 'water feature', with help from the POHAS tug o' war team.
Mind the Cat! - If you have been keeping up to date with our forum you will see a link to an interesting tail er tale which has appeared on sky news
(click here) to read more..

'CSI' - Carp Scene Investigation - 7th May
Crucian Carp

The good weather bought out the fishermen on Brownlees yesterday.
Some of our 'Intermediates' turned out for a good days fishing (click here) for their photo's and comments.

If you have done similar, let us know, your report & photo's could be on here for all to see...

Winners Tips - 5th May

Following a request via our forum for winners of matches to divulge some of their secrets We are starting an occasional series where our match winners share information with all our members/readers, this section is called top tips. They can be found by going to match page, click on results, towards bottom of the page there is a Reports banner. Hopefully on each match report we will try to get our winners to give away a tip or two!
The first issue is from our winner at our first Spring League match, Lloyds Meadow Neil Davies (click here) to read about his setup. We hope you learn from his detailed report. This can also be viewed via the forum where it was initially posted.
If you like this idea, or have tactics you wish to share on other venues, send them in via the 'contact us' button and we will do our best to publish them.

As time goes by, we would also like to have reports from our winners in our other leagues, Juniors and Intermediates. So if you are happy to pass on your knowledge, let us know by e-mailing us using the 'contact us' button.

Neil Davies

News Update - 4th May

Our monthly meeting took place last evening. The minutes are available to see on reports page or (click here).
Just to clarify a few issues raised:

  • Next Match at Brookside 13th May start time IS 9.00 - 2.00pm, don't be late as start time cannot be changed
  • Work Party to be done at Brownlees on Wednesday 10th May starting at 6.00pm. Everyone welcome to lend a hand!
  • 2006 licences are effective from 16th March 2006, a period of 'grace' has been allowed until 1st May NO LATER, this rule has NEVER changed
  • Minimum age when licence is required, 8 years of age

News Update - 2nd May

Interesting website found whilst 'surfing' today. It relates to tackle insurance. Do we really know how much our fishing tackle is worth? Do we have it insured?
The following link will take you to a tackle insurance company, have a look, see what you think (click here).

News Update - 1st May

Our first Spring League match of 2006 has taken place in glorious sunny weather. You can view Spring League standings (click here), Matchman of the year table 2006 (click here) and Match report which also shows weights and all placings (click here).
Thanks to Neil Davies for supplying results & league info.

Our first ever Intermediate League also kicked off at Lloyds Meadow with seven eligible anglers you can view weights by following the match report link above, for the league standings for our 'Intermediates' (click here).


Once again we have to thank Ian Armstrong for raising the profile of our club, yet again.
He has entered 'Fishomania XIII' a competition run by Matchroom Sport and the NFA (National Federation of Anglers). Yesterday he was at Woodlands Lakes, Near Thirsk for a qualifying match.
There were 68 anglers taking part and Ian came a very creditable 9th.
1st place weighed in at 110.01lb, Ian weighed in at 60lb. Full listings can be seen on Sky Sports website (click here)

  Ian Armstrong
APRIL 2006

News Update - 30th April

The first match in the 2006 Spring League has been and gone....
A full match report and league placings will be added soon, watch this space!
Great news also that our newly created 'Intermediate League' started at Lloyds Meadow, again the league standings will be updated as soon as the editor receives it! Looks like being a well contested league for 2006.
Match photo's from Lloyds Meadow are now in the gallery for you to enjoy (click here).

Work Party - 26th April

Hello there! Just to let you know our troops arrived for the workparty tonight. Ken aka 'Jacques Cousteau' immersed himself in the job in more ways than one! Removing a lot of detritis from the bottom of the pool that had gathered from the Autumn/Winter leaf fall. James & John did a great job of relocating it. Dave and Frank worked splendidly with the grappling hook, removing various items from the murky depths, which included a chair and a scooter which Frank managed to race around the pond on, rather well I thought! Old 'petrolhead' aka Mike also gave assistance with the cleanup. Yours truly advised from the touchline, but will be going back tomorrow to continue the rubbish removal.

Dave (Attenborough) Fletcher our resident animal spotter now tells us that we have three pairs of Woodpeckers 'knocking hell' out of our trees. Great to see the wildlife continues to bloom ( we lover other animals as well as fish you know!). Thats one more pair than last year.
A mink has also been spotted last week

Don't forget members it's our first Spring League match at Lloyds Meadow on Saturday (29th). If you are not booked on, I think we still have a space left. If you want it speak to Frank (sharpish).

Our meeting takes place at 'The Maltings' next Wednesday 3rd May, would love to see more faces, you might even get fed!

If you have any feedback on our ponds, matches, events or anything to do with the club and fishing, let us have it. Use the 'contact us' button to send us an e-mail.

Work Party - 19th April

Once again thanks to those who turned out on a suprisingly nice evening to Whitegate Pool for our latest cleanup.
Special thanks to Mike (The 'Dayglo' one in the photo's). He had been on site since mid afternoon cleaning up litter and other disgarded items.
After a few hours work Whitegate is again looking good.
Talking to a few of our members who were fishing it is also catching well, particularly the Chubb who seem hungry at the moment.
Thanks again to John, Mike, James and Frank for their efforts.

Next Work Party on 26th April at our Brownlees Pool, again starting at 6.00pm, if you can make it, we would appreciate your help...


Cleanup Frank

Work Party - 12th April
Thanks to those who turned out to clean up our Whitegate Pool this evening.
Loads of work was done. Thanks to Frank, Neil D, Ken & Mike. (I got stuck in traffic honest. (pb)).
Next weeks work party due to be done at Brownlees Pool has been put back a week, instead we will continue our work at Whitegate.

Recent visitors will see that our new forum is up and running, with members joining up, and new message boards appearing.
If you are a member, register and have your say....If you want to be a member and enjoy the wonders of our club, our pools, our matches. Use the 'Contact Us ' button and we will be in touch, or speak to an existing member who will be glad to help.


Pohas Forum Image
Licences 2006/7

This years licences are now available from members of the committee or our bailiffs.
Most members will recognise us, if you are not sure our photo's are shown here. You can scroll through and admire them!
If you are fishing our pools and haven't got a current 2006/7 licence, you will be asked politely to purchase one!
Please don't say, you left it at home, in the car, or the dogs chewed it!
No licence, no fishing. You have been warned..
Whenever you fish our pools, ALWAYS have your POHAS licence & Rod Licence with you.


Spring League 2006
Yes, it all kicks off on 29th April at Lloyds Meadow.
Members, if you want to take part, then contact our 'Chairman Frank'. Pegs are going fast, so if you want to be a part of this years Spring League give him a call, or use the 'contact us' button on this page.
Intermediate League 2006

Following recent discussions and our meeting held on 5th April.
It was agreed that to create additional interest amongst our Junior members, we would run an intermediate league for members up to the age of eighteen.
All Junior and all Adult matches (Spring/Summer Leagues) are eligible to also become an Intermediate League match. Minimum number if 'Intermediate Anglers' required for a match to count towards the Intermediate League is Four.

For further explanation of rules click on 'Rules' button on left hand side of page, or click here.

For intermediate League standings click on 'Matches' button on left hand side of page, or click here.

Junior League
Following our meeting on 5th April, we are looking at holding a match with the Juniors of 'Birchwood Anglers'.
We will let you know as soon as we can confirm, or have more information on this match.
Junior Match
Many of you may be aware that we are looking for funding. In fact we are looking for £20,000, not neccessarily all from one source. However the money is to replace all of the decking structures at our Brownlees Pool. The current staging is now 23 years old, although still usable, it is only a matter of time before the inevitable happens.
So we are now putting the wheels in place to source money.
If you have any ideas where we can pursue this, please let us know.
E-mail us using the 'Contact Us' button on the navigation bar.
March 2006
Winter League
Click on picture to see
Winter League 2005/6 Results

As you can see our Updated and Improved website
is back!

Full with up to date info on all club activities.
If you have any comments, e-mail them in by clicking on the 'contact us' button situated on left side of page.

Club meetings take place, 1st Wednesday of every month at 8.00pm, Maltings Pub, Bewsey Close, off Old Hall Rd, Warrington.
If you are a member, wish to become a member and have your say! Come along. You will be most welcome...
Don't forget Spring League Starts 29th April - See match page for details, members, book your place now!

New Item
Whiston Village Angling Club

We have a new arrangement available to all POHAS members. You can now fish Whiston Angler's waters (Mellors Pool & Carr Lane Pool).
For more info contact Peter Day at Whiston Anglers on 0151 431 1086

  Map & Directions (pdf format) download map
now online - join up and talk to your 'fishy friends'

03/04/06 - Matchman Trophy League
added, view here

04/04/06 - Junior Summer Matches & League Added

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