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Thanks for visiting our club website, as you will have seen from our home page, we are a well established club based in Warrington Cheshire, with approximately 100 members and we have one pool stocked with a wide range of fish from Carp (Crucian, Common and Mirror, no F1's), Roach, Rudd, Perch, Tench & Gudgeon. We also did some restocking in November 2011 and again in January/February 2014 which has also improved the fishing according to our members, and will continue to improve as the new additions grow. Decking at our Brownlee's Pool has been completely replaced and is an excellent location for a quiet day's fishing

Below we have tried to answer FAQ's (Frequently asked questions) and give you details on our club. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us, either in person, by post or e-mail.

Thinking of fishing on our pools today, not sure of the weather, click on the image alongside to see results from our local weather station. Updated every ten minutes, it'll give you a good idea of what to expect. Local POHAS Weather
Coolies Policy

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Find out about:-

Closed Season
Rod Licences
Club Licences
Club Meetings
Matches - Adults
Matches - Payment Scheme

Work Parties
Safety - Overhead Power Lines

  Closed Season Back to Top  

The coarse fish close season (15th March to 15th June inclusive) applies to all rivers, streams and drains in England & Wales, but does not apply to most still waters including POHAS.

There are, however, some exceptions that retain the close season - the Broads and some Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs); these sites are listed in the Schedules attached to the byelaws, which you can obtain from your local Environment Agency office (tel 0845 9333111).

So to reiterate, if you are a club member with a valid club licence and rod licence (when applicable), you can fish 365 days a year on our pool.

  Rod Licence (Environment Agency) Back to Top  

You need a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence if you are aged 12 or over and fish for salmon, trout, freshwater fish, smelt or eel in England (except the River Tweed), Wales, and the Border Esk and its tributaries in Scotland.

You will be asked to leave our waters if you haven't got or can prove you have either a valid club and EA rod licence.

Don't forget also there can be a hefty fine for those without EA rod licence caught by EA officers, who patrol waters whenever they choose.

EA Rod Licence  
  Club Licences Back to Top  
  Club licences run from 16th March to 15th March the following year. From 2018 onwards we have a 'one price' licence for members of any age. Price shown on right is the current year only, prices are reviewed on an annual basis.
Licences are available from Committee Members (see contact us page), and also on-line via our shop at no additional charge and delivery to UK Mainland address is free of charge.
2024/25 Club Licence
Price: £16.00
available from February 2024
  Club Meetings Back to To  
  Club meetings take place in the Hoop & Mallet Pub, Callands, Warrington starting at 8pm. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month.
So if you wish to discuss club matters, please come along and enjoy the warm friendly atmosphere. We look forward to meeting up with you.
Club Constitution points 6 and point 7 amended 22/08/14.
Hoop & Mallet  
  Matches - Adults Back to Top  

For members who would like to fish matches, we run weekend matches from approximately March through to November, and in Summer, Midweek matches which take place on a Tuesday from the month of May finishing in September.
We would like to add all matches are very friendly and depending on venue there is often opportunity for breakfast before the match starts (not included in peg fee).

Payment for matches is by credit/debit/contactless card, we no longer accept cash following COVID-19 in 2020.

Payouts for matches are made by BACS transfer, usually on the evening following the match. It is the responsibility of members to ensure we have correct banking details, ie, account name, sort code and account number. Again, no payouts are made by cash.

You can see more info below and on our matches page.

Adult Matches  

Although matches are in leagues, you can choose to fish whichever match suits, or all, depending what you prefer. We welcome new members both to the club and those who wish to take part in club matches.
Bookings are subject to availability, if you are interested, or would like more detail, visit our contact page and speak to Frank Davies our club chairman.
All matches are car venues and your own transport required. Visit our matches page, or see current licence for match details.
From 2016 onwards we started a midweek league which has proved popular amongst our matchmen/women and our pleasure anglers. We have selected local venues where we host a series of matches throughout the Summer months. All matches are on Tuesdays and ideal for those who are not able to fish at the weekend but can make a weekday either shift workers, retired members or you just have a day off and fancy fishing. If you are interested in any of our matches please feel free to get in touch, all details on our contact us page. The only thing we ask is that you have to be a club member.

Please note that payment on matches is as per weekend matches shown below, ie, cashless, we accept credit/debit card but cash is no longer accepted following Covid-19 and furthermore for the protection and safety of all.

  Matches - Payment Scheme (Weekend Matches)  

Each year we have a limited number of spaces for anglers on matches (usually about 15).
Match bookings for anglers are on a first come first served basis subject to peg availability at each venue.

Please don't just turn up for a match assuming to fish, we would hate to disappoint anyone, so please contact us to check availability.

Payment for matches is by credit/debit/contactless only, cash no longer accepted following COVID-19 in 2020.

Match winnings paid out by bank transfer (BACS), the onus is on the member to inform club of correct bank details, ie sort code and account number.

iZettle card payments accepted
  Work Parties Back to Top  
    From time to time committee and members undertake work parties which are required from time to time as general maintainance, repair or upgrades to our pool and surrounding areas.
Any workparties are normally detailed in advance on the website/Facebook page.
Work Parties  

The Working Party may involve some or all of the following :-

  • Moderate manual exercise
  • Up to 4 hours in duration
  • Working in an external environment – Possibly exposed to wind, rain, dust, pollen, etc.
  • An element of walking
  • Working next to deep water.

Members who attend Club Working Parties should provide their own :-

  • Sturdy boots
  • Gloves
  • Appropriate clothing – Waterproof is best
  • Mobile phone
  • Tools (even spades, hammers, etc.) – All Power Tools must be in good working order.

Members attending Work Parties do so entirely at their own risk. If you have an underlying medical condition which may be aggravated by attending a Work Party, do speak with your GP beforehand. Your GP should be able to establish what your capabilities are, what work activities you can safely undertake, and also any activities that might have a negative impact upon your condition.

Be Safe Around Power Lines

Please take note below and download a free document, it could save your life!

Lethal electric currents can pass through almost all fishing rods and poles so keep a careful look out for overhead electric power lines and keep well away. Please help publicise this message by downloading the UK Power Networks leaflet by clicking on the image here.

Be safe around power lines - DOWNLOAD BOOKLET HERE
As a local community based fishing club we are please to welcome other community groups for them to gain and enjoy the benefit of fishing.
We currently have several groups, from local schools, health groups etc, who take their members for a day's fishing at no cost, on our pools to allow their members to get benefit from angling. We feel very strongly and we like to give support to other groups.
If you have or are part of a group and would be interested, please get in touch with us, all our details are on the contact page.
Groups Welcome
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